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Stena Line is the world’s leading ferry company and biggest ferry operator in Europe, offering the largest fleet as well as the widest selection of routes and destinations.
Crerar Hotels

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Aerosus: Air Suspension Parts


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Unknown portrait by Dante Gabriel Rossetti emerges

The portrait, unknown to scholars for over a hundred years, depicts Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s muse Jane Morris.

A portrait redolent of one of the most famous romances of the Victorian era has surfaced for sale from a private collection in Scotland where it has been, unrecorded and unknown to scholars, for over a hundred years.

Painted in 1869 by the pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, it represents his muse, Jane Morris, who was married to Rossetti’s business partner, the artist and designer William Morris.

Artist and sitter first met and were attracted to each other in 1857, but as Rossetti was already engaged to Elizabeth Siddall, she married Morris instead. However, after Siddall tragically took her life in 1862, and the Morris marriage appeared to flounder, the relationship was rekindled.

Cruising for young(ish) people, by a first-timer

imageNatalie Paris boards a cruise for the first time, as part of a multi-generational family holiday in the Mediterranean.

We lined the upper deck, clinging to the railings and waving farewell to the shrinking tower of St Mark’s basilica. The chorus from Time to Say Goodbye blared cheesily from loudspeakers behind us. Below, on canal-side terraces, tourists squinted up from their Bellinis as all 93,330 tons of us slid by, rudely blotting out the sun. Our Mediterranean cruise had finally begun, with a showy sail along the Grand Canal in Venice. Even for this apprehensive first-timer, it was a pretty exciting moment.

In common with most independent people in their twenties or thirties, I wouldn’t have chosen a cruise for myself. Holidays for me are about the freedom to get out and explore. And once I’m out, I tend to want to stay out. Late. But this trip was not solely about me. Our party consisted of three generations of my boyfriend’s family, all avid cruisers. One was celebrating a significant birthday and so those of us unaccustomed to itineraries and fixed mealtimes had agreed to be open-minded. What the occasion required was easy sightseeing at a reasonable price, with plenty of opportunities for ballroom dancing. "We don’t have to spend every minute together," the cruising regulars assured us, "just don’t be late back or the ship will leave without you."

Skiing in Switzerland: Allison Pearson learns to cross-country ski in Pontresina

imageIf you don’t learn to ski in your youth, every year it gets harder to take the plunge, says Allison Pearson. But the self-proclaimed ‘scaredy-cat Mum’ found her ski legs in the Swiss resort of Pontresina.

To be honest, I was not the most promising candidate for midlife skiing lessons. “But, darling, you’re scared of heights and you hate falling over,” Himself pointed out when I suggested we spend last February half-term in Switzerland. He had a point, but I was not going to be deterred by anything as irritating as male common sense.

A friend had told me that the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina was heaven on earth. I was emerging from a rather tenacious depression and I hoped that skiing could clear my head. I craved the grandeur and the stillness of the mountains. I wanted that silver air in my lungs. I had visions of myself as Audrey Hepburn in Charade, swathed in sable and sipping a hot chocolate in a café on the glittering slopes waiting for Cary Grant. Clearly, I felt a powerful attraction towards the après part of après-ski. All I needed now was to figure out the ski part. And not fall over.

How to be green and stay sane


imageSarah Lonsdale tests the latest ‘eco’ products and sorts the fads from the finds. This week: an eco-makeover for an unlovely building.

The village of Over in Cambridgeshire lies exposed, like all Fenland villages, to the bitter easterlies that sweep in from the Russian steppes. Apart from a few trees, the flat semi-liquid landscape is exposed to the pitiless winds that can chill even in summer. Having grown up in the area, I still shiver at memories of seeing my breath in my bedroom on winter mornings.

The houses in Over are a typical mix of brick-built Victorian villas and mid-20th- century bungalows – rather unlovely boxes in shades of pink, yellow and grey.

One of these bungalows, however, has undergone an ugly duckling-style transformation so as to be unrecognisable. The exterior is clad in thin cedar planks ranging in hues from creamy beige to deep pink and the front façade has an almost industrial-style sawtooth roofline of three asymmetrical apexes.

Jaguar’s new F-type sports car

imageJaguar’s new two-seater sports car will be called the F-type and go on sale in the summer of 2013.

Jaguar has confirmed that its new two-seater sports car, due to be launched in the summer of 2013, will be called the F-type.

The announcement was made at the New York Auto Show, with the decision to build the car coming after the C-X16 prototype received such positive feedback.

Speaking at New York Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s Global Brand Director, said: "We showed the C-X16 concept in September 2011, and the reaction to it has been so positive that we’ve accelerated our development of an all-new Jaguar sports car.

"That car will be called the F-type, and it will be unveiled in production form later this year."

The aim of the F-type, said Hallmark, was to make Jaguar a world-leader in a market it had been absent from for too long.

Get the best out of your sweet peas

imageHow to grow beautiful, long-lasting sweet peas without too much hard work .

I have always thought that sweet peas are hard work. An expert exhibitor once told me that he dug his trenches 4ft deep before planting, and that non-stop deadheading was essential. To me, the frenzy of pink froth did not seem to justify all this effort.

A couple of years ago, however, I decided that I really should try again; we are frequently asked about sweet peas on Gardeners’ Question Time and I loathe giving theoretical answers.

I am not a fan of deep digging, and the soil depth in my garden is 50mm before it hits limestone brash. I wanted pyramids of sweet peas beside a yew hedge, and I knew this patch would be full of yew roots and dry as dust. Instead, I put three mini plants in a chimney pot, full of rich compost, directly on the soil, and gave them two gallons of water each, once a week.

Land of the Lost Wolves, BBC One, review

imageLouise Gray reviews Land of the Lost Wolves on BBC One.

In Washington state in the US, wolves were driven to extinction 70 years ago but against the odds they are coming back across the border from Canada. Land of the Lost Wolves (BBC One) explored the love/hate relationship between the locals and these beautiful animals.

While biologists are hoping this marks a comeback for the wolf in the western states, with the territory they use spreading as far south as Mexico over the next few decades, hunters are twitching their triggers. Ranchers claimed the wolves threaten their grandchildren as well as their livestock and are ready to “shoot, shovel and shut up” – even though it is illegal to kill one.

The film would have made particularly fascinating viewing for animal lovers in Scotland, where there are serious suggestions that wolves should be reintroduced in the Highlands.

Banksy: primed and all set for take-off

imageIs the art market witnessing a Banksy revival? Colin Gleadell investigates.

After a few years in the wilderness, the elusive graffiti artist Banksy was back on form last week with two highly successful auction sales. At Christie’s, a metal panel from the exterior of a sound-system lorry which Banksy had spray-painted with military helicopter images for the 1998 Glastonbury festival, trebled estimates to sell for £103,250.

It had been an image that impressed Damon Albarn, the frontman for Blur, who were performing at the festival, leading to a commission to design the cover for the band’s Think Tank album. But more importantly, it was a rare outdoor work for which Banksy had given permission to be sold. Four years ago, Banksy stopped the trade in his outdoor work because, he said, it was never meant to be sold, so this was an exception.

Princess Cruise Line

imageLose yourself like Gilligan on a Princess Cruise – featured on the hit show the Love Boat, Princess cruises have long been a trusted name in the cruise industry. With 15 ships and a bevy of exotic itineraries to peruse, on Princess Cruises you are only limited by your imagination.

Even if you don’t cruise for entertainment you will be impressed by the shows on the Caribbean Princess or any other vessel you choose to sail on. These large ships are accustomed to having to entertain large groups of discerning travelers so you might find yourself coming back just to hear that great singer from dinner last night again.

All outside cabins, many equipped with balconies greet you on the Regal Princess, a large vessel that can carry up to 1200 passengers. Unlike other large cruise ships, the Princess Cruise lines have fresh water pools, so you can enjoy a swim whether you’re out at sea or docked in a port.

What is the Best Travel Reward Credit Card?

imageThere are very few things as alluring as the great promise of free travel to exotic destinations. The world bank’s know this, and have long offered travel rewards to their average customers for receiving and using their credit cards.

In turn, savvy credit card users have learned how to exploit these offers to travel in comfort and style well beyond their means.
What to do with the points from the best travel reward credit card?

I was recently thinking about all the places that I would like to travel or visit but with mileage being so high and plane tickets being sky high I knew those dreams were just that! Then someone reminded me of my reward credit card points.

Heli Skiing An exciting sport


Let us altercate what this action is about. Heli skiing is one of those sports which charm the charlatan a lot. It is due to the actuality that this action involves abounding risks. These risks cover accident of top distance which is the a lot of fearing factor. In this sport, you will be alone on a abundance rather, it accept to be mentioned that the aiguille of this abundance will be capped with snow. Now you will be appropriate to appear down through alien routes by crisscrossing. This action is played in a group. If you alpha this game, you accept to be abiding about the acme of the aiguille to the arena point. Another important affair is that you accept to be able for this acute bold properly.

Time to buy property in America

imageAmerican property prices are finally on the way back up. Move now to bag the best bargains, says Graham Norwood

Say it softly. But after years of misery, it looks as if the housing market across the pond is at long last making a comeback. If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a Florida holiday villa, or a chic Sex and the City-style New York apartment, it might be wise to buy it soon.

The latest figures show the first green shoots for the wider economy and a housing recovery. In the past six months, 1.9 million American jobs have been created, and unemployment is down from 10.4 per cent to 8.3 per cent. Economic growth is running at an annual 2.8 per cent. The car industry, often seen as a good barometer, is booming – General Motors sold 640,000 more vehicles last year than in 2010.

This is beginning to translate into optimism in the housing market. One builder, MDC Holdings, has reported a 32 per cent rise in orders for new houses. Another, Beazer Homes, predicts more orders in 2012 than in 2011.

Beautiful Flower Garden for Spring

imageThis spring make your garden look the most beautiful with the ideal flowers and plants. You can look after your garden and make it look like a true heaven if you keep in mind some basic steps of gardening and rules for spring gardening. Spring season is a much awaited season and this spring; turn your garden into a beauty.

With the end of winters, what most of us are looking forward to, is the spring season. The time of the year when nature’s beauty is at its peak is something worth enjoying. You can make the spring season even more fun and enjoyable by working on your spring garden this time and planting your favorite flowers in your spring garden. The spring gardens are always a pleasure to look at and it is a worldwide fact that there is no comparison of natural beauty with any other beauty. So why not create your own little heaven this spring?

2012 Geneva Motor Show: Jaguar Introduces The All New Jaguar XF Sportbrake

imageDesigned and developed on the much famed Jaguar XF saloon model, one of the biggest manufacturers of luxury cars, Jaguar Cars Ltd., has now unveiled its latest offering in the form of the all new Jaguar XF Sportbrake. This spectacular new luxury Jaguar car is slated to make a grand appearance at the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show and has been conceived as complete luxury family car. To ensure maximum performance, Jaguar XF Sportbrake has been provided with a state of art self-leveling air suspension that keeps the car leveled even when fully laden with cargo. Furthermore, as an enhanced security feature, Jaguar has installed adaptive cruise control that essentially maintains a pre-set speed for the vehicle and even monitors the surrounding cars for immediate and effective braking.

Art market news: Serge Lifar’s estate sold for 7.3 million

iamageBuyers were on a high at the Geneva sale of dancer Serge Lifar’s estate.

Buyers were on a high at the Geneva sale last week of dancer Serge Lifar’s estate. The sale was estimated to fetch 1.5 million Swiss Francs (£1 million), but realised 7.3 million SFr. Top lot was a set of 48 drawings by Jean Cocteau for his book Opium, which sold for 912,000 SFr – nearly 10 times the estimate – to Paris book dealer Jean-Claude Vrain. The Musée des lettres et manuscrits de Paris was extremely active, spending nearly 1 million SFr on autographed manuscripts and drawings by Cocteau and his friend Raymond Radiguet. One of the most extraordinary results was the 430,000 SFr paid for two inscribed photographs of Lifar with Coco Chanel, and a letter from Chanel. The estimate was 300 SFr.

Return to the Falklands, ITV1: ”The Paras had killed with bayonet as well as bullet”

imageWar reporter Michael Nicholson recalls his memories of the Falklands after returning to the Islands for a new ITV film.

Exactly 30 years ago, at the end of a very bloody conflict, I left the Falklands never expecting to go back. Returning to a war zone is the oddest mix of excitement and sadness. But nostalgia can be a very assorted package and in the Falklands it is especially so.

All the other wars I have covered have been other people’s wars. But in 1982, in those 10 weeks and 8,000 miles away in the South Atlantic, I was reporting a war among my own people, alongside British soldiers fighting on behalf of a few thousand islanders who were defiantly British.

This year’s blockbusters? Just more of the same warmed up

imageBlockbuster season is here, and most of the films are relying on familiar formulas, says Tim Robey.

Oscars safely stashed on mantelpieces, it’s that time of year when Hollywood’s thoughts turn from bubbly and backslapping to what really matters: guaranteed bums on seats for the next six months. With this week’s John Carter, blockbuster season 2012 could be said to have sputtered, earlier than ever, into rude life.

What delights does it hold in store? Themes would appear to include superheroes, massive quantities of computer effects, threequels, fourquels, vampires, Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, and, oh, superheroes.

New Order return to play in Ibiza

imageNew Order will join Kasabian, Tinie Tempah and Ed Sheeran at the Ibiza Rocks festival later this year – 20 years after the Manchester band played there.

Manchester legends New Order are heading to Ibiza to play their first gig on the island more than 20 years after they adopted its Balearic sound for one of their most successful records.

They will join acts including Kasabian, Tinie Tempah and Ed Sheeran at the Ibiza Rocks festival later this year.

History of Water Skiing

imageThe abstraction of baptize skiing dates aback to at atomic the mid-nineteenth aeon if a man from Sweden began the patenting process, but the abstraction never came to fruition. Very little is accustomed about the accurate ancestry of the sport, admitting the appellation can be begin in the Swedish concordance dating aback to 1921 – vattenskida, which translates to ski on a physique of water. Water Skiing

Telegraph Cruise Show 2012

imageTelegraph readers can claim two free tickets to next week’s event, which features talks and exhibitions on all aspects of cruise holidays. Britain’s biggest cruise show is returning to London Olympia later this month.

More than 100 exhibitors will attend, representing ocean-going cruise lines, expedition ships and river cruises, alongside consumer experts and members of cruise publications and specialist websites.

Travel deals to hawaii

imageTravel deals to hawaii. Have you ever just lately added a visit to Hawaii to your checklist of issues to do now or within the close to future? If so, you’re undoubtedly not alone; Hawaii is a well-liked vacation destination. As with many widespread vacation locations, it is not uncommon to seek out particular offers being supplied, special offers like travel packages.

Accumulation Plan and Investment Property

imageThe plans for capital accumulation are forms of investment that may have different specific purposes, but these tend to be construed as intended to give rise to a capital that can grow with the passage of time without requiring an excessive outlay. Moreover, this sum may be set aside to counter an expected expenditure in the future (from a car to a building, through the college expenses for their children).
One wonders at this point what the correct amount to be paid. The amount may be varied, depending on your abilities and your goals.

The Queen’s cars on display at Goodwood

imageThe Goodwood Festival of Speed will be home to an exceptional gathering of vehicles to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee forms the inspiration for a spectacular gathering of vehicles at this summer’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The event’s Cartier Style et Luxe concours d’elegance display will this year be focused on vehicles that have been personally owned or used by the Queen in a collection that has never before been seen together in public.

Rights Gone Wrong?, BBC Two, review

imageDid Andrew Neil prove that human rights laws are failing us? James Walton reviews BBC Two’s timely documentary.

Just in case he wasn’t unpopular enough already, Rights Gone Wrong? (BBC Two) suggested that Adolf Hitler is also responsible for our inability to get rid of Abu Qatada. As the programme explained, the European Convention on Human Rights – which has prevented Qatada’s deportation — was drawn up in 1950 to ensure that no European nation ever went the way of Nazi Germany again. Any citizens who thought their governments were behaving unjustly could now appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Mexican Museum

imageThe soul and spirit of the arts and cultures of Mexico and the America are fundamentally linked. The Mexican Museum voices the complexity and richness of Latino art throughout the America, encouraging dialogue among the broadest public.

The Mexican Museum has a permanent collection of various artistic and cultural art crafts which attracts people from the entire world. Mexico City is itself a hub of cultural monuments and artistic architecture.

Premium Home and Garden Ideas

imageThe connection between home and garden is like and unbreakable vow where both complement each other. The garden interior is a portrayal of your lifestyle and preference since it is the first element noticed by guests. So the decor of your home and garden will represent your taste. It is not a compulsion to have the best garden interior with a large space occupied rather just a small place can also provide the same comfort.

Skiing Tips for Beginners

imageSkiing is one of the most exciting adventure sports. Although skiing over the pristine white snow peaks seems like an adventure you cannot wait to begin, you must need to know a few basic rules and tips before get started. Going through these tips will ensure that you are prepared for the task that lies ahead you.

Skiing Tips for Beginners

First let me answer your questions about the dress code and the skiing gear that you will need. While trying skiing for the first time it is always better to rent all the skiing gear rather than buying it. The skiing gear is quite expensive and hence you would want to make sure that you like the sport before you actually invest money in buying the equipment.

Western Caribbean Cruise Tips

imageA Western Caribbean Cruise is one of the most in-demand cruise itineraries among cruise vacationers, offering an assortment of exotic destinations while many different cruise companies offer routes that customers can choose from. A Western Caribbean cruise may consist of stops such as Central America countries like Panama or Costa Rica, Belize, Jamaica, Mexico and the Cayman Islands. Magnificent coasts, varied wild life and offshore reefs are just some of the many attractions included in a Western Caribbean cruise. But when embarking on a Western Caribbean cruise, a cruiser may want to keep in mind several useful tips that would ensure their trip is one for the books.

Make Traveling a Fun

imageTraveling is fun and this New Year is all about fun and discovery of fun loving and enchanting places all around the world. Ah ah! Before going to make your traveling plan, just have a look into these best travel tips that will definitely add convenience and ease during your traveling. Traveling without planning is boring and pitiless. A best traveler is he, who makes his traveling plans according to the travel tips.

Here are some of the world’s best travel tips for your assistance and ease before you are going to build your world tour plan.

War Horse – Movie Review

imageThe movie in limelight today is, War Horse, star casting Jeremy Irvine playing Albert along with his horse Joey in Steven Spielberg’s movie. The director, Steven Spielberg, has been doing his work in Britain for about as many as thirty years. This person has worked long enough to deserve an honorary knighthood. He has described his movie, War Horse, as a movie which is based on the children’s novel, which is written by Michael Morpurgo. This novel talks about the war’s madness in detail and this is Steven’s first ever truly British movie.

Michael Jackson – The King of Pop

imageThey say that it’s the people who bring the revolution and it proves to be true if we see the life of Michael Jackson who brought a revolution in the world of music by bring something that the world never experienced before.
The Beginnings

Michael Jackson started his career in 1971 and by the start of 80’s he was a heart-throb for millions of million around the globe. His look, style, voice, stage presence and sensational lifestyle became the most popular and hottest topic for many to discuss, relate to and love him even more. In 1983, Michael Jackson came up with his album “The Thriller” which is rated as the bestselling music album for all time. It is not just one generation who loves the creation of a whole new world of music by Michael Jackson, but Michael Jackson is a love for many generations today and many more to come tomorrow.
Success Story

What we’re driving: Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

imageIt’s being superseded by an all-new model, but the previous 997-series 911 is still a force to be reckoned with.

The 911 is the Marmite of the car world – you either love it or hate it. From being the occasionally scary darling of enthusiast drivers everywhere, it became a symbol of 1980s excess and subsequently has been considered a bit flash, although there’s always a sneaking admiration for Porsche’s engineering-led approach and constant improvements honed on racetracks around the world.

Decorate your Apartment Balcony Just the Way you Want

imageIt’s always a challenge what to do with the rented apartment’s balcony. If you want some spice in your house and don’t want to make your balcony look like the runt of litter, follow our useful tips to decorate the apartment balcony. Now, you wouldn’t have to leave it like storage for bikes or just the milk crates. All you need is a tinge of imagination to decorate a small balcony which can be turned into a simple seating area with some fresh-looking plants.

Property Management: Fair Housing and Tenant

imageTo succeed in your career in property management, you’ll need at least a working knowledge of Fair Housing and Landlord. Fair Housing basically protects consumers against discrimination based on things like race, sex, creed. It also has provisions that, unless the community is a community of older adults (55 and over), then the units must be available to be rented to people with children.

Rihanna is not a good role Model

imageWill Young very openly and bluntly said that Rihanna is not a good role model for young girls in music because the lyrics of her music doesn’t empower young girls. Young girls need to listen to those lyrics that are empowering.

Will Young also admitted that Rihanna is a brilliant pop star but her lyrics need to empower young girls which they don’t.

He said: ”I don’t think Rihanna is a massively great role model for women, her lyrics aren’t empowering”.


Subscriptions from £1

Mount Snow Ski Resort

imageMount Snow Ski Resort is one of Vermont’s largest and most convenient. Located just off Route 100 near Wilmington, Mount Snow Vermont is easily accessible from any major East Coast cities. If you are a little farther a field, airports in Albany (New York) and Hartford (Connecticut) are just two hours away.

Mount Snow Ski Resort rises to 3,600 feet at its summit, so if there is snow in Vermont, there is snow at Mount Snow. For off months, Mount Snow Vermont has invested heavily in snowmaking equipment to allow for quality skiing in all but the worst winters.

Tips for Cruise Travel

imageAre you intending on going on a cruise? Well if this sounds your brand new, you possibly will not be sure what to prepare for. Having a few suggestions to give you a hand can be quite to your benefit. So, listed below are some important cruise travel guidelines to don’t forget when you go for a cruise.

Tip 1 – Receive a Map on the Ship – Cruise lines are huge. You won’t want to stray along with a map will surely be described as a huge assistance to you. Make sure you will have the map and take a bit to search it over making sure that it is possible to quicker travel the ship.

Chiang Mai Real Estate

imageBuying real estate in Chiang Mai may be an excellent investment when you are considering retirement in Thailand. Chiang Mai has become a hub of activity for expats who wish to retire out of the rat race and to the countryside. Speak ot us today!

The Thai government will be investing billions in the infrastructure of Chiang Mai over the next few years. There are currently 5 major property and developmetal projects in Chiang Mai estimated to be well over USD 500 million in value. These include an international exhibition and convention centre project on a piece of land covering over 300 rai (about 120 acres). There is also a development project for road expansion to facilitate agricultural transport, a logistics system and a project to improve a local bus terminal in the provincial seat to support millions of incoming tourists.

Mercedes B-class review

imageMercedes’ new-look B-class has the style of its swankier siblings, but watch out for the ride.

Since my leisure activities involve muddy dogs, greasy car bits, salty boat bits, oil paints and large packages of ill-defined proportions, and exclude advanced chef-ing, d’hôtels des Posh and cashmere V-necks in delicate pastel colours, I’m not really a target customer for a Mercedes-Benz saloon. The life, suggested by these southern German cars, of plutocratic luxury combined with ravening business ethics and perhaps even paid staff has never particularly appealed.

Perhaps it’s for that reason that I have always had a soft spot for the Mercedes B-class, a compact Multi Purpose Vehicle built for people like me. The compact MPV was once Europe’s most popular C-segment model derivative, although they’ve now been overtaken by the dubious charms of the compact Sport Utility Vehicle. By contrast, MPVs are genuinely useful; big enough for arduous family duties, practical enough to look good dirty and with lots of space and flexibility.

Premium Home and Garden Ideas

imageThe connection between home and garden is like and unbreakable vow where both complement each other. The garden interior is a portrayal of your lifestyle and preference since it is the first element noticed by guests. So the decor of your home and garden will represent your taste. It is not a compulsion to have the best garden interior with a large space occupied rather just a small place can also provide the same comfort.

You can give your home and garden a composed and decent look by using sober decor for the garden interior. Conversely, the opposite for your home and garden could be true if you use a mix of vibrant colors like red, blue, green for your garden interior.

Top Gear, series 18, episode 7, BBC Two, review

imageRachel Ward reviews the final episode of the current series of BBC Two’s Top Gear

Thanks to Dave (the TV channel, not Cameron), I’ve seen my fair share of Top Gear episodes. This, the last of the series, was the one with Slash, Kimi Raikkonen, and golf. I must admit that much of this 18th series has passed me by, mainly because (sorry super fans) I’m usually tuned into Dancing on Ice on ITV1 – an adrenalin-fuelled activity of a very different kind.

The Story of Bauhaus Art

imageBauhaus is a modern day art which started from a German art school and it speaks about the modern day era by combing the history with the daily life trends. It is indeed one of the remarkable art forms in arts and culture as it focuses on the freedom, functionality and practicality of life.

It is said that arts and culture have a close linkage with the history and that is pretty much what Bauhaus art explains too. Bauhaus art has its roots deep down into Germany and it started during the early 1900’s at a German arts and culture school. Later on, the Bauhaus art took many twists and turns in itself with the changing world, wars, and political regimes and became one of the most popular modern era art forms in arts and culture.


OneTravel.com is a travel website offering flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages to top destinations around the world. We are one of the oldest and most respected travel sites. OneTravel.com has signed up with major airlines, hotels and car rental companies around the world, bringing value to customers and helping you in maximizing your earnings. Our portfolio of products contains amazing flight deals and 84,000 discount hotel rates.

7 Travel Tips to Help Business Travelers Stay Sharp!

imageBusiness Travel Tips

What does it take to travel on business, far from your comfort zone?  Flight delays, whirlwind business trips, lack of rest, no vacation time and a whole lot more. Clearly no finishing school in the world can prepare you to face these seemingly trivial travails of a trip.

A business trip offers a great chance to make a name for yourself as you represent the company. You can choose to stay sharp and come back a success, or pretend it’s a drunken vacation and break your career. If you choose the former, here are seven must-know tips for someone who wishes to be a pro business traveler:

Carnival Cruise Ship to Undergo Major Overhaul

imageCarnival Cruise Lines has announced plans for the Carnival Destiny cruise ship to undergo an extensive dry dock in early 2013.   The Destiny was launched in 1996 as the world’s largest cruise ship carrying 2,642 passengers and began the current era of the mega ships.  The dry dock will last for 49 days and cost $155 million, radically transforming her into the Carnival Sunshine.

The Carnival Sunshine will receive the full Carnival Funship 2.0 experience, an additional 182 cabins, and the expansion of 2 decks completely transforming the layout of the ship.  Carnival President and CEO released the following statement,

Happiness is a shed of one’s own

imageFrancine Raymond explores the joys of a haven at the bottom of the garden

Home improvement? Life improvement is perhaps a more fitting description for garden sheds. From Wendy house to tree house, from tool shed to allotment hideaway, it seems that throughout our lives we all need a space of our own at the bottom of the garden.

Eco-improving period property

imageSarah Lonsdale tests the latest ‘eco’ products and sorts the fads from the finds. This week: eco-improving period homes

It’s all very well eco-improving architecturally uninteresting homes. With apologies to residents of bungalows and houses built in the Seventies and Eighties, these often uninspiring boxes don’t look any worse – and usually look better – for extra cladding, new windows and altered rooflines.

But the vast majority of our housing stock is older, and considerably more beautiful. How do you eco-improve a period home in a conservation area without annoying the neighbours, falling foul of planners or desecrating a lovely streetscape? Yet rising fuel bills and concern for the environment are inspiring home owners to take the plunge with historic buildings in sensitive locations.

Mr Money: the real Car of the Year

imageTelegraph Motoring’s Mr Money, Mike Rutherford, considers the finalists for the World Car of the Year.

There’s been all sorts of fun and games in Geneva over the last few days concerning what can loosely be described as the best on-sale cars on the planet. Just to be clear, unlike much of the futuristic mental concept metal you’ll see on the pages of Motoring this week, I’m talking here about the models that are actually in the showrooms already, available and ready to be bought and driven away by real-world customers.

The Voice: a first look

imageThe BBC has released three videos to promote The Voice, its new Saturday night talent show set to launch later this month on BBC One

The BBC has released three preview videos ahead of the launch of its major new talent show at the end of March.

The Voice is already a mega-hit in 30 different countries around the world. The US version is the top-rated show on American TV.

The BBC spent £22 million acquiring British rights from the show’s Dutch creator, John de Mol, whose production company has also been behind shows such as Big Brother and Deal or No Deal.

Alighiero Boetti, Tate Modern, review

imageA rewarding new show at the Tate Modern reveals that conceptual artist Alighiero Boetti took as his subject the very foundations of reality, says Richard Dorment .

The Italian conceptual artist Alighiero Boetti didn’t do things by halves. Fixating on an idea, he followed it through to its logical conclusion — no matter where it might lead, how long it took to get there, or how absurd the conclusion turned out to be. And ideas just poured out of Boetti. In a life-size bronze self-portrait made at the end of his life, the artist stands under a cascade of water as though trying to cool down a brain literally steaming with them.

Radiohead announce UK shows

imageRadiohead to play in London and Manchester with tickets on sale from Friday.

Radiohead have announced that they will play their first UK shows in four years this October.

The band, currently touring the United States, will play two nights at the O2 Arena in south east London and one night at the Manchester Arena.

Tickets go on general sale on Friday and the band have announced a series of measures to stop them being sold on by touts, including limiting the number of tickets that can be bought and insisting that the payment card holder shows photo ID to get into the gig.

Limitless Movie Review, Starring Bradley Cooper & Robert De Niro

imageI know how Eddie Morra feels. Like him, I know almost everything, but have forgotten most of it. We are told time and again that we use only a small portion of our brains and have enough left over to run nations in our down time. “Limitless” is about Eddie’s adventures after his ex-brother-in-law gives him a pill that suddenly puts his entire brain online.

He finishes his novel at typing speed. He wins at poker, invests in the market, and runs it up to millions. He fascinates a woman who had rejected him as a loser. He knows intuitively how to handle situations that used to baffle him. He is hailed as the Wall Street guru of the age.

London in your lunch break: free National Gallery tour

imageAn hour-long guided tour of the National Gallery is about as culturally rich as a London lunch break can get – and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Take your lunch break at . . .

The National Gallery, on one of its wonderfully enlightening – and completely free – guided tours. Meet at the Sainsbury Wing (see below for times), where a guide will take you to three or four of the gallery’s most prized displays, giving a 15-minute cultural, technical and social backdrop to each.

How to save the United States

imageWould you like to know how to save the United States? The SS United States that is, the last remaining US-flagged transAtlantic superliner which has been pretty much just sitting around rusting at a Philadelphia pier since 1996, needs our help. An independent national non-profit organization is dedicated to protecting, revitalizing and promoting America’s flagship seen here parked in Philadelphia.

Sales of luxe doomsday bunkers up 1,000%

imageNEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A devastating earthquake strikes Japan. A massive tsunami kills thousands. Fears of a nuclear meltdown run rampant. Bloodshed and violence escalate in Libya.

And U.S. companies selling doomsday bunkers are seeing sales skyrocket anywhere from 20% to 1,000%.

Northwest Shelter Systems, which offers shelters ranging in price from $200,000 to $20 million, has seen sales surge 70% since the uprisings in the Middle East, with the Japanese earthquake only spurring further interest. In hard numbers, that’s 12 shelters already booked when the company normally sells four shelters per year.

Thorny problems: the green invader

imageHelen Yemm answers your questions on liverwort, yellow geranium and more.

Low-spreading liverwort

My garden has recently become infested with a very low-spreading green invader. I don’t think it is helxine (Soleirolia soleirolii), aka mind-your-own-business, as mine doesn’t look tufty or like anything you would want growing in your house. It seems to hold the same territory as moss, and I have therefore been working hard to improve the soil with loads of home-made compost. Have you any ideas or words of comfort?

VMware Computer SW

Buy Now!

Destined to be unveiled at the next month’s New York Auto Show, the C63 AMG Coupe is essentially a 2012 C63 AMG sedan unburdened of a couple of doors. Either way, you’re looking at Affalterbach’s prized 6.2-liter V8 engine driving 451 horsepower (481 with the optional AMG Development pack) to the rear wheels via a seven-speed Speedshift MCT gearbox. Expect a 4.4-second sprint to sixty and an electronically-limited 155 mph top end in stock trim, or 4.3 seconds and 174 mph in AMG Development spec.

Wonderland: Granny’s Moving In, BBC Two, review

imageMichael Deacon on the unforgettable Wonderland film about the blackly comic wretchedness of ageing.

Philip Larkin was terrified of dying. Then again, he was also terrified of living to old age. I think that’s probably what you call a lose-lose situation. As it turned out, he died at only 63, so he at least escaped the latter of those two fates.

At 50 he’d written “The Old Fools”, about what he imagined it must be like to start losing your mind; the poem is empathetic, appalled, and chilling. “Perhaps being old is having lighted rooms/ Inside your head, and people in them, acting./ People you know, yet can’t quite name… That is where [the old] live:/ Not here and now, but where all happened once./ That is why they give/ An air of baffled absence, trying to be there/ Yet being here…”

When Guernica Came to Town

imageIn 1938, one of Picasso’s most famous paintings was rolled up and taken to places previously untouched by art – even car showrooms

Every day, 11,000 people make the trip to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid to see Picasso’s Guernica. The invisible infra-red wire around the painting is hyper-vigilant — the tiniest of leans (and I speak from experience) has alarms ringing, and guards to their feet, within seconds. Understandable, but a pity since all but the most eagle-eyed will miss the clues to an extraordinary story.

Over its 75-year history, it has been rolled and unrolled, stretched, nailed up, pulled down, driven, shipped and flown, all in the service of a cause. Creases and cracks mark its surface; its four corners are littered with puncture marks tracing the life it’s led.

Lang Lang at Latitude: should music festivals embrace classical?

imageAs the superstar piantist Lang Lang is added to the Latitude Festival lineup, Ivan Hewett looks at the pitfalls of open-air classical music.

Can an outdoor festival like Latitude embrace classical music?

Previous experience makes one doubt it. It’s true there are odd corners of classical music which can cope with the great outdoors.

Berlioz’s immense Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale was meant to be heard by a vast outdoor crowd, like the propaganda music of the French Revolution which inspired it. Janacek imagined his Glagolitic Mass played under the stars.

But these exceptions prove the rule that classical music is a quintessentially indoors thing. You need peace and quiet, and preferably a chair, to be open to its subtleties. And a decent acoustic, so those subtleties actually reach your ears rather than vanishing on the breeze.

Hire and fire’ has destroyed Britain’s jobs economy

imageEurope’s biggest problem now is youth unemployment – we should be looking at the German labour model

These days we tend to talk about the divisions in Europe as one between net creditors and debtors. In reality this is just a sideshow. There is a much more fundamental gulf, hinted at by Angela Merkel in her Davos speech yesterday: between countries with organised industrial training systems such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Austria and Switzerland – all currently with jobless rates of between 3% and 7% – and those with much higher rates of unemployment, often in double digits, in peripheral Europe.

Skiing: learning to Alpine ski in Courchevel

imageLisa Grainger finds a brilliant tutor, a scenic setting – and champagne in the hot tub – smooth the path to success on skis in the French resort of Courchevel.

That I have skied only twice in my 47-year life is unsurprising, given the success of my first attempt in my thirties. Ten friends were renting a chalet in Utah with an outdoor Jacuzzi, and it sounded fun: parties, snow, whizzing down a mountain – what could go wrong? Answer: everything. Not only were all my friends serious skiers, who insisted they could teach me (never a good idea – it’s boring for them and you end up feeling like an uncoordinated clown on skates).

But Utah is an alcohol-free state and the fragrant herbal cigarettes that my friends insisted would relax me turned me instead into a female Mr Bean: all bulging eyes and terror-stricken face, uncontrollably soaring down the slope before falling and chin-boarding all the way to the bottom, where I flapped helplessly on my stomach like a walrus in the snow. I had two twisted ankles and a grazed chin – not to mention a horribly bruised ego. There were tears. There were remonstrations. And I was never, ever going again.

Travellers ‘fleeced’ by hotel Wi-Fi charges

imageAround two thirds of hotels worldwide are still charging guests for Wi-Fi access – with rates as high as £8.50 per hour and £20 per day – research by Telegraph Travel has shown.

With a large number of bars, cafés, and even branches of McDonald’s and Starbucks now offering free Wi-Fi to customers, hotels are facing growing criticism over the high charges that many continue to impose.

Telegraph Travel analysed Wi-Fi charges at more than 30 different hotel chains, and at dozens of individual hotels, to uncover those that levy the highest fees and those that offer the service free of charge.

Out of more than 70 different hotel groups and individual properties contacted in the survey, just 24 do not impose Wi-Fi charges.

Luxury hotels in London were the worst offenders, with several charging £20 for 24-hour Wi-Fi access. These included Grosvenor House and the Firmdale Hotels group – which owns six upmarket properties in London, such as The Haymarket and Number Sixteen. At The Dorchester, the only option is a charge of £19.50 per day.

W Hotel charges guests at its Leicester Square property £5.95 an hour or £17 a day, while its Istanbul, Barcelona and Hong Kong hotels charge €15 (£12.50), €19 (£16) and HK$115 (£9.50) per day respectively, although free access is available in some public areas.

Hotels in the Holiday Inn chain charge guests up to £15 a day in Britain and up to €24 (£20) a day in Europe, although in the majority of its hotels in the United States, Wi-Fi access is complimentary.

The highest hourly rate uncovered was €10 (£8.50), a charge imposed by several Marriott hotels, including the A C Hotel in Florence and the J W Marriott in Cannes.

Towards the lower end of the market, Travelodge charges guests £5 an hour or £10 a day, while guests at Barceló Hotels must pay £6.50 an hour, or £15 a day.

TalkTalk, the internet service provider, estimated that the cost to a business, such as a hotel, of providing broadband, would range from £10 a month for a small property to £300 a month for a 100-room property, or £700 a month for a larger, 300-room property.

At the 195-room Dorchester, for example, where room rates start at around £300 a night, the monthly cost of providing Wi-Fi to the entire hotel is likely to be covered by two bookings, or around 30 people purchasing a day’s Wi-Fi access.

Not all of the capital’s luxury hotels levy such high charges. The Maybourne Group, which owns Claridge’s, The Connaught and The Berkeley, doesn’t charge for Wi-Fi access, and neither does 45 Park Lane, nor The Halkin, The Metropolitan or One Aldwych.

Among hotel chains offering free Wi-Fi are Best Western, Malmaison, De Vere, Radisson Edwardian, and Brittania. Premier Inns charge guests just £3 a day, and offer them 30 minutes’ free daily access.

A number of other hotels have adopted a dual policy, where guests can log on to a slower network free of charge or pay extra for high-speed access. The Langham, where the high-speed access costs £20 per day, and the Sofitel chain, where it costs £15, are two examples.

The falling cost of broadband services in recent years has highlighted the issue of high hotel charges for Wi-Fi access; travellers now increasingly expect the service to be including in their room rate.

At last year’s Abta Travel Convention, David Rowan, the editor of Wired UK, the technology magazine, called for travellers to boycott hotels that charge for Wi-Fi.

Sarah Lonsdale: How to be green and stay sane

imageThis week: how happy are eco home owners?

Are Britons falling in love with eco homes? It’s something everyone involved with housing wants to know. Increasingly stiff building regulations coming into force over the next few years mean developers face ruin unless buyers are attracted to highly insulated homes full of eco-tech like solar panels and heat recovery ventilation.

Until now, the signs weren’t good: homebuyer surveys found stubborn resistance to the design and concept of eco homes, despite promises of vastly lower fuel bills. But that is starting to change, according to a report published last month, which surveyed occupants of eco homes built within the past three years, and older homes.


Geneva motor show 2012: Morgan

imageMorgan has three new models to show off at the Geneva motor show, including the world’s first electric car with a manual gearbox.

Time was when you saw a new Morgan once a decade, these days it’s more like once a fortnight.

Chief designer Matt Humphries has done a fine job in widening the roadster body to stretch over the Plus 8 bonded aluminium-alloy chassis and 390bhp, 4.8-litre BMW V8. And stretch is the word – there’s just enough room for a little finger between the cam cover and the scuttle.

Fox cancel Steven Spielberg drama Terra Nova

imageUS TV network Fox has ditched Steven Spielberg drama Terra Nova after just one season.

US TV network Fox has ditched Steven Spielberg drama Terra Nova after just one season.

The big budget prehistoric series averaged 7.5 million viewers in America but did not do as well as hoped.

It is reported that 20th Century Fox TV will now try to sell it to other networks.

After the premiere was delayed twice, the series made it to air in September but had mixed reviews. The final episode of the first series was shown on 19 December.

The drama starred Jason O’Mara, Stephen Lang, Christine Adams and Shelley Conn.

Johan Zoffany, Royal Academy, review

imageThe Royal Academy’s Johan Zoffany show gives a spectacularly detailed vision of rumbustious 18th century life.

If you wish to understand why the German-born 18th-century painter Johan Zoffany is considered a good artist, then head straight for the sixth section of a new show at the Royal Academy, the first substantial exhibition of his work in Britain since 1977. There, visitors can pore over a staggering picture called The Tribuna of the Uffizi, which is often described as the best painting he ever made.

Skiing in Switzerland: Allison Pearson learns to cross-country ski in Pontresina

imageIf you don’t learn to ski in your youth, every year it gets harder to take the plunge, says Allison Pearson. But the self-proclaimed ‘scaredy-cat Mum’ found her ski legs in the Swiss resort of Pontresina.

To be honest, I was not the most promising candidate for midlife skiing lessons. “But, darling, you’re scared of heights and you hate falling over,” Himself pointed out when I suggested we spend last February half-term in Switzerland. He had a point, but I was not going to be deterred by anything as irritating as male common sense.

Swan Hellenic’s ship Minerva upgraded

imageMinerva, Swan Hellenic’s solitary cruise ship, which was saved from extinction by Telegraph readers, has returned to service after a three-month overhaul.

Passengers on board the 350-berth vessel can now expect refurbished en-suite bathrooms, a newly installed promenade deck, a lounge bar with 360 degree views, and an improved internet area.

The ship will be sailing in Europe this spring, offering cruises to the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Warm up your greenhouse

imageAs you prepare to jump-start your garden, use tricks that protect your plants and save fuel at the same time, says Bunny Guinness Burning furniture to keep your greenhouse warm could be seen as rather extreme. But when last year’s big freeze coincided with an oil crisis, specialist herb grower Jekka McVicar had to sacrifice all her house and oven heating over Christmas to keep her precious stock alive in the greenhouse until the oil tanker could get to her in rural South Gloucestershire to refuel. As the greenhouse plants in question were for my M & G Chelsea garden, I was exceptionally grateful.

French living: Jacqueline Morabito’s home in Provence

imageInterior designer Jacqueline Morabito’s whitewashed house in Provence, France provides the backdrop for her meticulously considered design.

Consider Jacqueline Morabito’s pared-down 18th-century house in Provence, where everything from the degree of rust on the kitchen stools to the positioning of a poetry book on the coffee table has been meticulously thought through, and you feel your own dishevelment scream out like a badly behaved English child in a French restaurant. ‘I think about everything from the smallest detail to the biggest gesture,’ Morabito says. ‘These things cannot be separated.’

Mini Roadster review Two seats, unlimited headroom and bumper car looks, but is the Mini Roadster really a sports car?

imageThe petrol engine is the BMW/PSA 1.6-litre four-cylinder with a twin-scroll turbo, in three power outputs; 120bhp/49.6mpg (EU Combined) in £18,015 Cooper form, 181bhp/47.1mpg in this £20,900 Cooper S, or 208bhp/38.7mpg in the £24,850 John Cooper Works (JCW). The Cooper D diesel has BMW’s 141bhp/62.8mpg, 2.0-litre turbo unit and costs £21,630. A six-speed manual transmission is standard with a £1,135 to £1,275 optional six-speed automatic on all but the JCW model.


Posh actors have it easier, says Downton Abbey footman
Working class actors are being squeezed out of the profession by “posh” actors who can afford to live without a regular wage, according to one of the stars of Downton Abbey.

Rob James-Collier, who plays Thomas the footman in the ITV period drama, said that those from privileged backgrounds have the “comfort blanket” of family wealth to fund their ambitions.

He likened the early years of an acting career to other professions in which only middle-class offspring can afford to do unpaid internships.

“You have to work for a year with no money. How on earth are you going to finance that?” he asked, adding that he had fought hard to make it as a “working class lad”.

Trophies and Medals.com

Portrait believed to be of author Emily Bronte will be auctioned.

A hitherto unknown portrait believed to be of author Emily Bronte is expected to fetch thousands of pounds when it goes under the hammer this week.

The oil painting is the latest in a flurry of items relating to the Bronte sisters to be put up for auction in the last few months.

Its sale by JP Humbert’s in Northamptonshire comes after the auction house sold another painting of the reclusive writer for £23,836 in December.



Where a property is held by a couple (whether they are married or simply living together) as Joint Tenants, upon the death of the first the property will automatically pass to the survivor. The share of the one who dies will not form part of his or her Estate and will not be affected by the terms of any Will. In effect both parties own the whole property rather than a divisible share, which is why on the death of one of the Joint Tenants the property belongs wholly to the survivor.


This year’s Home and Garden Show will feature TV personality and author Steve Katkowsky, to lead seminars on how to make the most of small indoor spaces, and the “Green Building Institute” will be on hand to answer questions on how to make your home more “green.” More than 400 exhibitors in the home and garden field will be displaying their products, and offering their services, and over 100 crafters will be selling everything from pottery, to jewelry, to photographs, and designer homemade candles.

Activities for Adults and Kids:

Habitat for Humanity will be raffling off a playhouse to raise money, and providing a place to paint and build your own birdhouse (kits will also be available for purchase – great for the kids!).

The Maryland Fall Craft Show: 100 Crafters under one roof, with creative and unique gifts. Check them out to knock a little holiday shopping off your list a early!

400 Exhibitors: A huge variety of Landscapers, Interior Designers, and Home Construction companies, will all be available for questions and answers on all your tough home and garden topics.

Complimentary Design Consultation: The American Society of Interior Designers will be offering free 20 minute consultations about paint, fabric, and furniture choices and arrangement. Take advantage of a seasoned and professional eye, and bring some photos of your home to get advice on your home’s décor and style.

Go Green: Get the latest news on “green” home techniques, and products from the Green Building Institute.

Better Living Exhibits: From Health and Beauty, to making the best of a vacation, enjoy dozens of exhibits designed to help you live a better life now!

The Balloon Garden: 600 square feet of imaginative garden space constructed entirely of balloons.

Marler Haley

With Portuguese youth unemployment running at more than 25 per cent and one in 10 graduates leaving the country, you might have thought that the Mini launch presentation in Lisbon would have had its normal orgiastic obsession with the gorgeously minted yoof of Mediterranean café society hanging out in their Minis tactfully toned down.

The Money System is a Confidence Trick

imageBanks loan us money they create out of nothing. Not only is this a trick, but it is outlawed by the Constitution, even though our government allows this criminal activity. This activity is at the heart of our unsound money system, which is the direct cause of our nation’s present economic collapse. To overturn our economic decline we must have a sound and constitutional money system.

I thought that, as a scientific man, I have to know something about economics. So I studied the money system for two years and could create nothing of it. Then, one day, the fact dawned on me. What I was study was not a system, but a confidence trick. The end that the money system is a confidence trick comes from the father of nuclear fission, Nobel Prize winning chemist Frederick Soddy.

Britain pledges jobs, protection

imageBritain is promising to help create more than 10 000 jobs and protect dozens of communities from crime as it increases its development commitment to the Caribbean over the next four years, the United Kingdom Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has said.

Mitchell has ended a brief visit to several Caribbean countries and according to a statement from the British High Commission in Barbados, London is promising Jamaica that UK assistance will target 50 of the most volatile inner-city areas.

Emilia Fox on her lesbian romance in Upstairs Downstairs

imageBenji Wilson talks to Emilia Fox about her role as a lesbian alongside Alex Kingston in the new series of BBC One’s period drama Upstairs Downstairs

Last year, someone tried to steal Emilia Fox’s identity.

“I got a text from my bank, saying your request to change your mobile phone number has been accepted. I rang the bank, gave my address as a security code and they said, ‘As of two days ago that’s not your address.’ Someone was about to suck my life away. They’d actually gone in to the bank, with my signature, as me.”

How to Make Japanese Art Designs

imageJapan is an island with varied terrain, including snowy mountaintops, grassy ponds and rocky coastlines. Traditional Japanese art is inspired by religion and geography. Japanese ceramics, textiles, prints, paintings and folk art usually depict symbols of Buddhism or elements of the land. To create art in a Japanese style, incorporate natural elements of Japan such as bamboo, cherry blossoms and Japanese maples into your paper or fabric art design.

An effective way to make money

For organizations that effectively use online resources such as social media and web marketing of all kinds, we must recognize the fact that emerging platforms are additional resources. They help to harmonize and extend various existing sources of recruitment. The media can be used for sourcing candidates, interacting directly with job applicants and establishing a direct communication channel with them. Can also be used as an additional source of public relations broadcasting daily updates making effective ads. As does the pay per click.

Mediterranean cruise guide

imageMediterranean cruises are a wonderful way of taking in a number of fascinating sights with a minimum of hassle. Douglas Ward offers a complete guide to taking a Mediterranean cruise.

Mediterranean cruises can be rewarding in so many ways – culturally, educationally, visually, architecturally, and historically, as well as from a culinary viewpoint. The Mediterranean is the second most popular cruise region in the world, after the Caribbean. It is loosely divided into two cruising areas: the Western Mediterranean (typically including France, Spain, Portugal and Italy) and Eastern Mediterranean (countries east of Italy, such as Croatia, Greece and Turkey).

Skiing in Andermatt: the Swiss resort that is not a swizz


The little-known resort of Andermatt makes for great-value, laid-back skiing, says Yolanda Carslaw.

Andermatt might not look much from the road; bleak, with few trees, a shady summit above and a barracks standing guard. But if you venture on to its pretty streets, then An-der-Matt (“on the meadow”) is quaint and compact – and surprisingly good value for Switzerland. At an altitude of 1,444m between three mountain passes, it has inexpensive hotels and restaurants on an L-shaped main street, as well as 78 miles of quiet slopes – and down-to-earth locals and visitors.

Black Gold, review

Black Gold is a punishingly tedious Arabian epic from the director of Seven Years in Tibet.

Dir: Jean-Jacques Annaud; starring Antonio Banderas, Mark Strong, Tahar Rahim, Riz Ahmed, Freido Pinto

Like a cool oasis, the end credits shimmer tantalisingly on the horizon throughout this punishingly tedious Arabian epic from Jean-Jacques Annaud, director of Seven Years in Tibet.

Oscars 2012: The Artist’s win is a glorious fluke

Oscars 2012: Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist rightly won Best Picture at the Oscars, on a night the Academy celebrated world cinema, says Robbie Collin.

This year’s Academy Awards are a salutary lesson to anyone who has ever complained that Hollywood does not do enough to celebrate world cinema. Providing that piece of world cinema is an hour-and-a-half-long celebration of Hollywood, it might even win Best Picture.

It’s a mark of just how gloriously daft the Oscars has become when the ceremony can make a victory for a French film – and a silent, black and white one, come to that – feel like a predictable self-administered slap on the back for the American film industry.

Pink Floyd as you never imagined them


Here is a treat for Telegraph listeners, a chance to hear a Pink Floyd classic in the making with a live stream of classic tracks and exclusive demos from The Wall, says Neil McCormick.

Pink Floyd are releasing a massive seven-disc box set of their 1979 classic The Wall. Alongside the remastered original and live albums, it features two fascinating discs of demos, illustrating the music’s transformation from Roger Water’s weird and grizzly lo-fi demos via rough and ready band demos to the highly polished and stylized finished pieces.

Listening to the various strands of ideas coming together lends remarkable insight into the creative process of a band who were fracturing in the studio, with alternative track listings and more organic performances conveying an intriguing sense of different albums that may have emerged from this source material.

Hall of Fame, Watts Gallery, review


GF Watts’s penetrating portraits amounted to a panorama of Victorian society, says Richard Dorment .

It’s like an artistic form of multiple-personality disorder: the minute you think you have a handle on the work of the Victorian painter GF Watts, you find you didn’t know it at all. The painter of myths and allegories we saw in the Tate Gallery’s Symbolist exhibition is unrecognisable as the portrait painter we discovered at the National Portrait Gallery a few years later.

Geneva motor show 2012: Ferrari’s F12berlinetta


Ferrari reveals 211mph, 730bhp F12berlinetta ahead of next week’s Geneva motor show.

Ferrari has taken the wraps off its “most powerful and high-performance” road car ever ahead of next week’s Geneva motor show.

The mid-front-engined F12berlinetta is powered by the latest development of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated 6,262cc V12 engine, which now develops 730bhp at 8,500rpm and 509lb ft of torque at 6,000rpm (80 per cent of which is said to be available from 2,500rpm). The V12 is mated to Ferrari’s F1 dual-clutch paddle-shift gearbox and driven through the rear wheels.

Grow your own spirit of community

How to maximise your fruit and veg and share the surplus with friends and family.

Iwas recently chatting to a friend who also rears his own meat about the great advantages of the “nose to tail” eating of our animals – using up every scrap in different and delicious ways – and it got me thinking that we certainly do not always do that with our fruit and veg.

A glut of fresh vegetables from the garden can get on top of you, leading to wastage. We spend time selecting the best varieties, sowing them, tending them, but are not always efficient about using them.

Rising number of landlords making a loss on their buy-to-let property

Rents may have risen in the private sector over the last year, but professional landlords are feeling the pinch.

The latest findings from the BDRC Continental quarterly Landlords Panel research reveals the biggest rise in the number of portfolio landlords making a loss since the Landlords Panel began in 2006.

The research shows that in the fourth quarter of 2011, the number of ‘portfolio landlords’ – those with 20 or more properties – who reported making a loss rose from just 1pc in the third quarter of 2011, to 8pc in the last quarter of the year.

Ski: avalanche accidents increase following record snow levels

imagePeter Hardy reports on how the best snow cover in a generation in the Alps has led to a major increase in the number of deaths and injuries caused by avalanches.

A week after Prince John Friso, 43, was seriously injured by an avalanche after skiing in Lech, Austria, much of the country is buried under the deepest snow in memory, with up to six metres at high altitude in the Tirol and Voralberg regions.

In the past week alone, three people have died and seven escaped uninjured in six separate incidents in the country, caused by the latest in a long string of avalanches. This compares to only three deaths in Austria last year, thought due to the exceptionally light snow cover last season.

The world’s best adventure cruises

imageFancy climbing a volcano, husky sledding or flying in a fighter jet? Wendy Gomersall picks the best adventure cruises for 2012.

Gone are the days when an excursion meant a gentle potter around a picturesque town centre or a scenic ride on a comfy coach. Nowadays, adventurous and unusual experiences you would never be able to enjoy at home are all part of what makes a cruise holiday so memorable.

Here’s a taster of the more “extreme” excursions on offer.

Frieze Art Fair in America: Armory fights British invasion

imageFrieze Week stands a good chance of replacing the Armory Show as America’s biggest art fair when it arrives in New York. Colin Gleadell reports.

Which is the greatest contemporary art fair in America? Is it the Armory Show, the biggest home-grown fair in New York? Is it Art Basel/Miami Beach, the American off-shoot of Europe’s mighty Art Basel, which launched in Florida in 2002? Or will it be Frieze, the London fair, now 10 years old and another foreign brand? Frieze’s announcement that it will launch its first New York edition in May has been sending shivers down the backbones of its competitors.


HomeAway, the world’s #1 choice for holiday homes, with 1 million holiday home listings across a global family of sites.
We help families and friends find the perfect accommodation for their dream holidays together by connecting them with homeowners.

Geneva motor show 2012: Range Rover’s Evoque Convertible

imageLand Rover has taken the wraps off its new Evoque Convertible concept ahead of the Geneva motor show.

“The world’s first premium convertible SUV” is how Land Rover is describing its Evoque Convertible concept car, which will make its debut at next week’s Geneva motor show.

Based on the three-door Evoque, the convertible features a fully retractable fabric roof with a roll-over protection system, four seats and a drop down tailgate. Land Rover claims that it has done all of this with minimal changes to the car’s weight and torsional rigidity.

From hairdresser to property enthusiast: a new style that turns heads

imageA hairdresser with a flair for renovation tells Zoe Dare Hall about doing up homes from rural England to Tuscany

As the founder of the Mahogany hairdressing chain, which has counted Samantha Cameron, Cheryl Cole and Greta Scaachi as clients, Richard Thompson has made some striking statements with his curling tongs.

But in the past 15 years, as his hair business has grown to include branches in London, Oxford, Bath and Manchester, Thompson has found another outlet for his creativity: property renovations. These have proven equally popular with celebrities, and include a penthouse in an old Highbury match factory, which Richard sold to the Alan Davies, the comedian, and a Georgian house in Hampstead that was bought by the singer David Gray.

Galanthophiles unite: in love with snowdrops

imageSnowdrops were love at first sight for Val Bourne, who was transfixed by their elegant pearl-drop flowers and soon on her way to becoming a collector.

In Hamlet, Shakespeare wrote about the primrose path of dalliance leading to a dissolute, if somewhat pleasant excess. However, my road to ruin has been lined by the snowdrop. It all began innocently enough 18 years ago when I read about a honey-scented snowdrop called ‘S. Arnott’. It was large and elegant, like the pearl-drop earring in the famous 17th-century painting by Vermeer, and I made up my mind to buy one. Then serendipity (a series of agreeable coincidences) took over. Within a year I was a serious galanthophile trapped under the spell.

Home renovations: restoring heritage properties

imageRestoring a heritage building requires unwavering faith, but the results can be heavenly. Genevieve Fox meets two visionary homeowners who’ve taken on the renovation challenge and won.

It breaks the heart to see them. Hidden away in city centres, standing in the middle of the countryside, or lurking in dark woods, wrecks are out there, wanting someone to love them. They come in hundreds of different forms: abandoned follies, ruined churches or deserted lighthouses. But they all have one thing in common: potential.

Growing Basil In Your Home Garden

imageGrowing basil is easy, cheap and easy, provided you have the right conditions. There are many different types and varieties of basil that can grow in your garden, basil, often used in Italian cuisine, more exotic varieties such as basil, with its dark purple leaves. To find the type of soil with adequate water, sunlight, and care of your garden will flourish with little effort, no matter what kind of basil you choose to grow. Before you know it, you will be healthy cooking fresh pesto and pasta dishes with your own basil that grew and harvested.

Geneva motor show 2012: Citroën’s DS4 Racing concept

imageThe Citroën DS4 Racing Concept is set to make its debut at March’s Geneva motor show.

French car-maker Citroën will present a high performance “Racing” version of its DS4 crossover at March’s Geneva motor show.

Despite its name, this hot hatch is in fact a road car, albeit one that has benefited from the knowledge of Citroën’s Racing engineers, who have tweaked the 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine to produce 256bhp – a record for a Citroën production car.

Heidi Thomas: ‘My dramas are the new Sunday lunch’

imageThe writer of the wildly successful ‘Call the Midwife’, ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ and ‘Cranford’ explains their broad appeal.

For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the success of Call the Midwife has been the passionate and positive feedback from viewers. I don’t read reviews, but I’ve been hugged by strangers in the street (they looked a bit embarrassed afterwards), and the day after the first episode was broadcast I looked out of my window to see the man next door give me a massive two-thumbs up as he went past. It made me cry.

Martin Simpson, June Tabor

imageMartin Simpson, June Tabor and Dick Gaughan, Kings Place, London, review
Three titans of modern folk – Martin Simpson, June Tabor and Dick Gaughan – on one stage makes for a memorable concert.

There was bound to be some banter. June Tabor had swept the boards at the BBC folk awards and come down to London the following evening (Thursday 9th February) to be part of Martin Simpson’s Purpose + Grace events at Kings Place.

Whitney Houston back in top 40 charts

image200,000 Whitney Houston records bought in a week as I Will Always Love You reaches number 14 in the singles chart.

Three of Whitney Houston’s best-known hits are back in the UK’s top 40 following the star’s death.

I Will Always Love You hit number 14 in the official singles chart yesterday, while I Wanna Dance With Somebody went in at number 20 and One Moment In Time was in the number 40 spot.

The singer, who was yesterday buried in Newark, New Jersey, was found submerged in the bath in her hotel room on the fourth floor of the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles last Saturday.

Elmgreen and Dragset’s Fourth Plinth, review

imageWhat does Elmgreen and Dragset’s Fourth Plinth sculpture say about us, asks Alastair

Glinting in the winter sunlight, unblemished as yet by pigeon droppings, the latest work of art to occupy the Fourth Plinth in the north-west corner of Trafalgar Square was unveiled today — and in one sense it is the most old-fashioned yet.

Conceived by the Nordic artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, Powerless Structures, Fig 101, the eighth contemporary artwork commissioned for the plinth since 1999, is a monumental bronze equestrian statue more than 4m high. Executed in a realistic figurative style, it belongs to a tradition that stretches back to the ancient world, when Rome was awash with colossal gilt-bronze portraits of emperors mounted on horseback.

Oscars 2012: and the winner is?

imageThe triumph of ‘The Artist’ is almost certain at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Our film critics look at who else is in the running.

It’s hard to know what the oddest thing about the Academy Awards is this year: the fact that a silent, black-and-white French film is the likeliest big winner, or the fact that that win now seems boringly predictable. But that’s the magic of the Oscars: in just one night, it can transform a cinema fan’s passion for an under‑appreciated gem into shoulder‑shrugging, told-you-so indifference.

Living a Prolific Lifestyle

imageOne thinvg that I push my readers to experience is living proactively instead of reactively. A prolific lifestyle is one where you create your own opportunity, you take responsibility for your life and you go into your world and shape it into what you want it to be. A reactive lifestyle is just the opposite; you go out into the world and wait for life to interact with you, then you just react to each stimulus as it comes. People who live prolifically are more satisfied with their life, and I’ll tell you why.

Emily Brontë portrait goes under the hammer

imagePortrait believed to be of author Emily Bronte will be auctioned.

A hitherto unknown portrait believed to be of author Emily Bronte is expected to fetch thousands of pounds when it goes under the hammer this week.

The oil painting is the latest in a flurry of items relating to the Bronte sisters to be put up for auction in the last few months.

Its sale by JP Humbert’s in Northamptonshire comes after the auction house sold another painting of the reclusive writer for £23,836 in December.

Offers Attractive Packages for Shimla Manali

imageIndia Summer can sometimes bear. Therefore, during the summer months there are long holiday in schools and universities and the heads of people in the mountain town for a refreshing and spend a few days into the holiday atmosphere of cool places. Of all the hill stations in India, Shimla and Manali are the most popular.  Now is the time you use the custom course work writing service for your job and start traveling.

21 Tips Your Pack for a Trip

image1. Security and Keeping Details Safe

Scan your passport, passport photos and paper tickets (if not the e type) in. Store this (in an email for e.g.) in your web based email account. You can also store the details of your emergency ‘lost card’ telephone numbers in your web based email account so you know who to contact if your credit card or ATM card is lost or stolen. This way, even if you lose everything, you have immediate access your all important information. You can even email the details page of your passport to the embassy or consulate when applying for a new one.

The romance of a railway home

imageFor one couple renovating a train station was a labour of love, finds Jake Wallis Simons.

It all started in Victorian times. “One of my forebears was the stationmaster of King’s Cross Station,” says Anna Gudge. “It was a prestige job in those days. He used to wear a top hat and tails, and roll out the red carpet for the Queen. He became a big part of family folklore.”

Happiness is a shed of one’s own

imageFrancine Raymond explores the joys of a haven at the bottom of the garden

Home improvement? Life improvement is perhaps a more fitting description for garden sheds. From Wendy house to tree house, from tool shed to allotment hideaway, it seems that throughout our lives we all need a space of our own at the bottom of the garden.

Anyone would think it was the panacea for all human ills. Literature with titles such as A Shed of One’s Own: Midlife Without the Crisis, Shed Men, and Shedworking: the Alternative Workplace Revolution leaves you in little doubt.

Looking for a long-term fix

imageMaria Fitzpatrick asks five experts for their home improvement advice

What’s in a name? Not much if you are Volkswagen, which trades model names like Top Trumps. As from this year, the 39-year-old Passat name graces the rumps of two entirely separate models, the first in Europe, the second in North America and the Far East. The larger American Passat is built at VW’s new Chattanooga plant in Tennessee, whereas European Passats continue to be built in Emden, Germany.

Sir Paul McCartney ‘gives up cannabis for daughter Beatrice’

imageThe former Beatle said it was finally time to give up smoking the drug due to a “sense of responsibility” in caring for his daughter.

“I smoked my share. When you’re bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in, if you’re lucky, at some point,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. “Enough’s enough – you just don’t seem to think it’s necessary.”

The 69-year-old rocker also revealed that the Fab Four had considered a reunion but had decided against it so they didn’t “spoil the idea of the Beatles”.

In the magazine interview Sir Paul admitted to smoking cannabis “a lot” and has previously declared a passion for “wacky baccy”. Heather Mills, the mother of Beatrice, claimed Sir Paul smoked marijuana as often as most people drink cups of tea during the couple’s divorce proceedings.

Going, going, gone for a song

imageThe salerooms are booming and new records are being set – no wonder Lord Coleridge was aggrieved that his Tudor chain of office was sold for a fraction of its worth.

Two years ago, a couple from Pinner found a Chinese vase in a dusty recess of their parents’ house and took it to an auctioneer in Ruislip. Everyone was astounded when it was knocked down for £53 million. It was, as headline writers noted at the time, the ultimate cash in the attic.

Top Gear, series 18, episode 4, review

imageAndrew Marszal reviews episode four of the latest series of BBC Two’s Top Gear

At some point during the endless cycle of offensive jokes, demands for apologies and “boys will be boys” refusals, somebody at the BBC seems to have decided enough is enough, because tonight’s episode of Top Gear (BBC Two) seemed intent on being as congenial and helpful as possible.

Instant winter colour: hot gardening pots

imageSimple winter containers are a great way to brighten the gloom, says Ed Cumming.

Much of the country is recovering from snow, and gardens are drab and brown. It’s the perfect time to spruce things up with some instant winter colour. A few well-chosen containers can tide things over until spring. Though many garden centres offer pre-planted versions, nothing beats making your own from scratch. A pot, some evergreen foliage and a couple of trays of colourful bulbs or bedding plants are all you need.

Art sales: records and surprises in London


Art sales: records and surprises in London
Colin Gleadell reports on the latest goings on in the art market, including a Valentine-themed sale and a contemporary homage to Alghiero Boetti.
The Impressionist and Modern art sales in London last week saw an impressive £278 million change hands – one of the highest totals for a winter series of such sales in London. While it was generally Henry Moore’s week, with £33 million of sales, there were also strong prices for Impressionist paintings.

Aquino confirms dating Korean TV host

image“We’re seeing each other,” Aquino answered when asked at the tailend of a news briefing the real score between him and the radio talk show host and TV anchor.

The reporters cheered the President, “Yihee.”

Pressed on how long they’ve been seeing each other, the President  invoked his right to privacy.

Aquino, 51, has been linked to various women, many of them younger than him.

Bruce Springsteen: I enjoy artists who take on the world

imageBruce Springsteen’s 17th studio album is his most overtly political yet. At its launch in Paris, the blue-collar icon reveals why .

“You can never go wrong in rock’n’roll when you’re p—ed off,” according to Bruce Springsteen. In Paris yesterday to unveil his new album, Wrecking Ball, to the world’s media, Springsteen admitted it had been written in a spirit of political anger. “My work has always been about judging the distance between American reality and the American Dream.”

An effective way to make money

imageFor organizations that effectively use online resources such as social media and web marketing of all kinds, we must recognize the fact that emerging platforms are additional resources. They help to harmonize and extend various existing sources of recruitment. The media can be used for sourcing candidates, interacting directly with job applicants and establishing a direct communication channel with them. Can also be used as an additional source of public relations broadcasting daily updates making effective ads. As does the pay per click.

Emma Watson to star in Beauty and the Beast

imageHarry Potter star Emma Watson is in final negotiations to star in a period film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

Guillermo del Toro, the director behind the darkly fantastical modern fairytale Pan’s Labyrinth, will direct Watson in a film version of the classic fairytale.

Last summer del Toro was reported to have said that Watson was “perfect” for the part of Belle. She is now steps away from confirming the role, Variety has reported.

Statue of Liberty – NYCStatue of Liberty, New York City.

imageLocated at the mouth of Hudson River, New York City became America’s main immigration entry point in the 18th century. The city was named the first capital of the United States in 1785. The first Congress met in Federal Hall on Wall Street and drafted the first Bill of Rights, as well as the Northwest Ordinance that same year.

The Northwest Ordinance was the first step in expanding the United States. George Washington was inaugurated in New York in 1789. A new street grid system was put in place in the early 1820s, which mapped all the streets on the island of Manhattan. The street grid divided the city in sections in order to accommodate the immigrants that were moving into the city in large numbers.

Alternatives to Mega Cruise Ship Tourism

imageCruises are one of the most popular and low-cost vacation options, allowing passengers to visit multiple locations while enjoying all the standard amenities of a luxury vacation. However, cruises also contribute a disproportionate amount of waste when compared with other means of travel. The U.K.-based Climate Care estimates that cruise ships emit more carbon dioxide than long-haul flights, and other studies have shown that cruise ships generate about 21,000 gallons of sewage a day, 170,000 gallons of grey water (waste water from laundry, showers, and dish cleaning), and other harmful wastes. Cruise ship passengers are also estimated to dispose of more trash daily than local residents.

A history of skiing in Mürren, Switzerland

imageDesperate to enjoy current skiing conditions in the Alps, Adam Ruck secures a last-minute deal to Mürren.

To arrive in the Swiss Alps at the tail end of a snowstorm seems like good timing, as long as your ski resort is accessible. A single traveller – me – separates himself from the Wengen-bound throng at Lauterbrunnen station, crosses the road with a smile of self-congratulation at having chosen the road less travelled, when a notice on the door of the Mürrenbahn stops him in his tracks. Geschlossen. Closed. It is time for a phone call to the Hotel Eiger.

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