Let’s shoot the breeze


Tell us what you’re up to in the garden this weekend It’s Good Friday, the weather forecast is great, what better time to get cracking in the garden and on the allotment?

But first, why not tell us what you’re going to be up to? Shooting the Breeze is our new Friday slot where you share your gardening plans for the weekend, ask for help with your horticultural problems and dilemmas, and offer up your top tips for the garden.

Today’s questions are:

– What’s looking great in your garden right now? (you can always show us by uploading a picture to our Flickr feed)

– What edibles will you be sowing or planting this weekend?

– What’s getting your goat or floating your boat in the world of horticulture? It could be your neighbour’s smoky bonfires, the fox that’s stalking your chickens or a brilliant new nursery you’ve discovered.

So, get cracking in the comments below and tell all.

Just to get the ball rolling, my answers are below:

1. I’m loving the mound of Marjoram ‘Gold Tip’ in the herb patch but slightly regretting culling my (admittedly wrongly placed) lilac as the neighbourhood’s lilacs are looking lovely right now.

2. I’ve just sown some mixed salad leaves and Kale ‘Hungry Gap’ in modules. And Verbascum ‘Snow Maiden’ – not edible, but lovely, and destined for my gravelly front garden.

3. My new patio is floating my boat – somewhere to sit in the sunshine. Ok, ok, the likelihood of me actually sitting down this weekend when there’s so much to be done in the garden is unlikely, but it’s the thought that counts!

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