My space: Fiona Goble, craft author


Craft Author and knitting blogger Fiona Goble shows us round her kitchen extension in Hertfordshire

This sunny room in our house in Hertfordshire is an extension of the kitchen. It has a skylight, so even on a dark day it’s lovely and bright. I have a workroom upstairs, but I do all my knitting here – you can see all the colours as they are. It also means I can put the washing on or stir the spag bol as I’m working.

I actually studied politics and anthropology – I taught myself all the craft stuff from scratch. It’s pretty funny that I’ve ended up knitting corgis!

I’ve been bowled over by the response to the royal wedding book. I think it appeals to people’s eccentric side. Everything’s been so gloomy recently, it’s a welcome bit of fun.

I’m working on a book, Twas the Knit Before Christmas. I’m also knitting Noah’s Ark. I’m not a fast knitter. Each figure takes five to seven hours. Kate Middleton was the hardest to “get” looks-wise: she has quite regular features, so I had to make a big thing of her great hair by knitting layers into it.


My partner Roger’s parents used to live here. His father was an insurance broker, and loved furniture auctions. This was one of his buys. I added the collection of little white jugs, which I gathered from charity shops and car boot sales


I keep this up throughout the year, believe it or not – but it usually lives in my workroom upstairs. I teach sewing classes locally, and there are lots of people who want to make their own stuff at the moment

Cherrywood table

I always wanted a French country-style table. My partner found this on the internet. It came from a West Country antique dealer, and was the first – and I think the only – piece of furniture we bought together. I love the tapered legs. It was expensive, but I’ve offset it with £29 Ikea chairs! I’m not really a fine antiques person, but I spend a lot of time at craft fairs and boot sales and I can’t resist odd bits of old-fashioned kitchen ephemera


I got this from a market in France. It’s handy for stuffing everything into when I need to serve the supper. I’ve always preferred knitting small things to jumpers: I made a Cat Stevens doll when I was little. The attic is full of ‘people’

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