Treasure Hunters with Jamie Breese


Q: I have nearly all the Beano annuals going back to about 1970, with just three or four ­years missing from the set. They are in virtually pristine condition (my mother has written on the inside cover of a few). Are they valuable? Would it be worth me trying to buy the missing years? – David Marrow, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

A: Annuals remain very ­collectable but, apart from the first few editions of each title, they mostly tend to be worth in the £5 to £10 price bracket. They would need to be as clean as they come to command the higher-end money. The first copies of the Beano and Dandy annuals are rare, but still worth ­hundreds rather than the thousands of pounds that ultra-rare and tidy first comics make. In 1995, £4,200 was paid for a “Beano Book” number one from 1938. I would think your later Beano annuals will be worth around £10 or so. If you want to start a collection, you have the last 40-odd years’ worth covered.

Q: My granddad collected the full set of KP friars/monks and gave them to me on my 21st birthday. I was wondering what value you would put on these items. There are no chips or cracks on them. – Daniel Stokes, Swindon, Wilts

A: These were promotional pieces made by the legendary Wade pottery for KP Foods in 1983. They became part of the micro-sized Whimsie range. The characters such as Father Abbot and Brother ­Benjamin ­became popular because of the TV adverts. There were five in total and they came in a colourful, and presumably today rare, ­presentation box. About £7 to £10 will secure you any one of these popular little collectables today. Add £20 for the box.

Q: I have bought a Camberwick Green music box but I can’t find any recent prices. It’s in very good condition but has no box. I paid about £110. How have I done? – Ian Pooley, by email

A: Who could forget this famous children’s series created in the 1960s by Gordon Murray and ­narrated by Brian Cant? Robert ­Harrop Designs started to produce the figure from the show in 1998. The top find from his ­workshops is the resin music box from 2001. It sounds like this is the item you are referring to, although several ­musical items have been produced by the company over the years. More recently, they produced a very special monochrome limited edition version of the Music Box to celebrate the fact that most people originally saw the show in black and white. This was a limited edition of 2,000 and cost £34.95 at the time. At their peak, they were going for about £1,000 complete with a box and certificate. Today, prices have levelled out to a more realistic £200 to £300 or so for pristine examples.

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