Melanie Wright reveals how you could slash your mobile phone bill


Millions of us make the effort to switch gas and electricity firms, bank accounts and insurance to cut costs –  but when did you last check your mobile phone deal?

In fact as many as 18 million people have NEVER switched tariff or ­network, despite the ­potential for big savings.

According to research by ­Billmonitor, three-quarters of mobile users waste up to £200 a year on unnecessary charges ­because they either overestimate or underestimate the ­inclusive minutes they need.

Lisa Greenfield, of, said: “When choosing a mobile phone tariff, you should really consider how many calls you make each day and for how long, how many texts you send and how long you spend on the internet from your phone.”

Some sites do the work for you. For example, with – which is secure and approved by ­independent regulator Ofcom – you can put in your mobile phone number, ­username and password and the site will analyse the last three months of bills to work out the best tariff for your use.

Our table above shows some of the most competitive deals for light, medium and heavy phone users. James Sherwood, of, said: “Most of the major mobile operators offer extremely competitive deals, so it isn’t ­uncommon to see similar deals offered by rival mobile networks.

“But ‘out of bundle’ charges – the costs for use after your included minutes, texts and mobile data have been used up – can vary widely between networks.”

Lots of people are put off ­switching because they think they will lose their mobile number but it is usually possible to keep it.

Remember, though, that if you are tied into a contract there is likely to be a penalty so you might be better off waiting until your current deal is up.

And to push down costs further, consider a SIM-only deal with the phone you already have.

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