Mr Money: another winner from Citroën

imageCitroën could be on to a winner with its DS5. That’s Mike Rutherford’s verdict, who has been impressed with the style and value of the French firm’s coupé-crossover.
Contrary to what you might have heard, Citroën’s DS5 coupé-crossover wasn’t unveiled at the Shanghai motor show earlier this month. It actually made its world debut at a private party in the city’s business district the night before the exhibition opened.

I’ve been to a few world unveiling ceremonies in my time, but never before have I heard a manufacturer heap so much praise on one of its products. This is an upmarket yet apparently affordable model that hasn’t been seen on the road yet. Nobody outside Citroën has driven it and it won’t go on sale in Britain until spring 2012. But if the production version of DS5 turns out to be half as good as the supremely confident French firm promises it will be, Citroën will have a winner – possibly even a car of the year – on its hands.

The DS5 is the first proper premium car from this company for years, the last one being the respected – but poor-selling – C6 saloon.

On paper, the most intriguing aspect is HYbrid4 diesel hybrid technology. Shared with sister company Peugeot, it is claimed to deliver 200bhp, all-wheel drive, all-electric or all-diesel power (or a bit of both) and CO2 emissions of 99g/km. This level of efficiency is more usually associated with the cleanest superminis or city cars.

Citroën describes the DS5 as everything from a five-seat/four-door hatchback to a sportwagon with GT coupé tendencies. But despite all this industry-leading spin, the fact is that the DS5 is (for now at least) very different. And that’s a compliment.

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