Modern art, not rubbish

imageArt is often a refuge for unwanted objects. From German artist H.A. Schult’s Trash People to Gustav Metzger’s waste paper sculptures, the line between art and rubbish is often fine.So much so that Anish Kapoor’s polystyrene, resin and cement sculptures was accidentally thrown out by waste disposal experts last year. Oh, and Damien Hirst who had an installation accidentally put in the rubbish bin in 2001 – though some would say that was justified.Laura White’s artworks are similarly constructed from rubbish.


White’s artworks look like a technicolour explosion. A twisted up mass of photographs, fabrics and paraphernalia. An elegant bird, a jeering face, symbolism and abstraction.  And within it unwanted, non-valuable items take on a new meaning and identity.

It looks to have been constructed in the way a child might construct a Lego model – considered but relaxed. Yet it manages to have energy and sophistication, with those elegant curves and animal-like forms.


Knuckle Paunch

White’s exhibition at Castlefield Gallery – quirkily titled If I Had a Monkey I Wouldn’t Need a TV – was created on site, adding to its feeling of movement and spontaneity.

The sculptor, who teaches at Goldsmiths College and Manchester Metropolitan University, describes herself as an “object based person” who is “fascinated by imagery”.But she is obviously also concerned with environment and the impact of man on the natural world as these are key themes in this exhibition.
imageyea and Nay

And though White’s work also comments on man’s ability to rubbish and discard objects, to me the line between it and rubbish is sufficiently clear.

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