Art and Design connection

imageAccording to one of its most general definitions, art is the product or the creative process of arranging elements (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the human senses, emotions, and intellect. It encompasses a wide range of activities, creations, and modes of expression, including paintings, music, photography, literature, sculpture, and films. The definitions of art are explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics, and even disciplines such as history and psychology analyze its relationship with humanity.

Traditionally, the term “art” was used to refer to any skill or mastery of creative people called “artists”. Today, the term art includes the intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions in a creative way.

Design as a noun usually refers to a plan for the construction of an object or a system intended to accomplish goals, in a particular environment. The term “design”, as opposed to the term “art”, does not include expression of emotion in any of its uses. Design in visual communication refers to the composition of visual elements using one or more than one techniques, in order to achieve a specific result or solve a particular problem by the use of the final designed object or system.

In many cases the term Design coexists and interacts with art, with the common purpose to express an emotion or convey a message to many recipients, in the best possible way, under certain circumstances. This is where Applied Arts are born and Graphic Design is one them.

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