Trying to find out about sell online

imageSelling on the Internet is to make money is to give genuine value to the market, I’ll tell you my experience before I met my mentor I was interested only in making money, I do not care if he was giving market value or not, my number 1 focus was money, but I finally realized that money is simply a paper, I realized that if I make money I must give value to the market when money is exchanged value, since that then shift my focus on having money to give people genuine value to genuinely help and the money will come only one of my mentors in internet Berezowsky Alex tells me to create true value and he recommended a book called “Influence by Robert Cialdini” . (I recommend you read and APPLIED)

“This book teaches how to persuade people scientifically” written by a psychologist Robert Cialdini very famous and most quoted of the world, there are principles that work to influence people and make you buy what you offer, as the principle of reciprocity, the principle that Robert Cialdini writes in his book tells us of the need that exists in social relations of restoring balance.

That is, when we receive anything or gives us something, we feel the need to give something in return, and an imbalance in us to restore that balance the client feels an obligation to buy, the people who do not behave according to this rule is regarded as unwelcome or exploited people, therefore it is easier to convince people that previously have been given any gift or gift. This principle of reciprocity also works on the Internet and helps us sell more.

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