he best travel destinations in Uruguay

imageSouth America and ‘traveling’ in the same sentence rarely conjures up the name of Uruguay. This South American county is no on the major tourist circuits, the River of Colorful Birds (that’s what the country’s name means) is often called the South American equivalent of Switzerland, not because of how it looks, but how it works. Uruguay is one of the best kept secrets in South America, which has more to offer than it is given credit for. Pristine beaches and friendly cities aside, there’s a lot going on in Uruguay that can interest tourists from all over the world. To give you a taste of this amazing country, here are the best travel destinations in Uruguay.

Colonia del Sacramento

As far as colonial towns in South America go, Colonia del Sacramento (often simply called Colonia) is one of the finest examples. The old colonial buildings and cobbled streets in the oldest parts of Colonia are so atmospheric that they make you feel like you’re back in the past. The historic center has nine small museums, and a scenic lighthouse. For something more offbeat, visit the half-abandoned amusement park outside the city and a derelict bull fighting ring.


imageIf the beaches of Uruguay are what attracted you to the country, then Piriapolis should be at the top of your must-see list. Piriapolis is a very laid back beach town, without many fancy restaurants or hotels, but with a lot of heart. The town is a beach resort and pretty empty in the off season, but even if you’re not interested in beaches there is a lot to see in and around Piriapolis.


Durazno is a great city for history and archaeology lovers, so if you’re interested in Uruguayan relics, art or pottery, then you should pay a visit to the Casa de General, the regional museum. The cathedral and the churches of Durazno are quite pleasant (especially Iglesia San Pedro de Durazno), and the city also has a free zoo, and a sports museum for really passionate sports fans.

Cabo Polonio

imageThe small village of Cabo Polonio in the Atlantic Coast region of the country is not what might seem like a great holiday destination, seeing as it doesn’t have any electricity, sewage or running water, but this place is truly one of the hidden gems of Uruguay. The village is inhabited by a hippie community, and the scenery around the village is so lovely and peaceful that you’ll find it hard to leave.


The capital of Uruguay is a must-visit destination with tons of exciting attractions. Although Montevideo is quite small by South American standards, the city is walkable and has numerous historic monuments, some very interesting museums (Museo del Carnaval is truly amazing) and a quaint and pretty old town.

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