Advice Before Making The First Cruise

imageFollowing the recommendations on cruises when you book you will be informed of the rules regarding clothing cruise, gratuities, meals and more. Except in the luxury cruises, the best clothing is casual with comfortable shoes. On the boat you walk a lot and there are many stairs.

When booking let you know if there is a dinner where the label is required. Do not take more than a suitcase, cabin space is not much and the boat has everything, gel, shampoo, etc. Do not forget your swimsuit, sunglasses and light clothing for excursions. The topless is not normally allowed, must be respected boat nomas.

The food on board is available all day, is not the best place to diet. The drink is usually an additional charge. When booking you choose the dinner shift, usually at 19.00 and 21.00, the latter is the most popular. If you have any dietary restrictions let them know when booking will not be a problem. Neither is to be disabled, especially the ships of less than 10 years and the Reformed have adapted cabins.

Before traveling, check the tours they offer, the boat dock at a port does not require visiting the city. If you decide to do it, you have to get up early and you can choose between a guided or free. Depends on the part of the world where you meet to go it alone can be a bad idea. It is very important to go back in time, the boat does not wait for passengers. If you stay on the boat you can enjoy more peace of services, fewer children in the jacuzzi and a few problems to get a hammock by the pool.

Speaking of children, are well received, almost all ships have areas for them and babysitting 24 hours. Book and ask him to take cognizance of the facilities rather small.

On the boat does not the money, hand you a boarding card that serves as the key to the cabin as well as a credit card. All drinks, purchases in stores, extra services or excursions are charged to the card. If you do not want unpleasant surprises tries to keep control of costs.

A custom which will also inform the book, is to give a tip at the end of the trip. Estimated at between 6 and 8 euros per person per day. In some boats can advance. It is part of the culture of the cruise and must be respected.

Do not forget the documents, identity card or passport according to the scales of the boat. Neither your kit with standard medical treatment, although the boat is pharmacy can not find what you need if you are very specific. It is advisable to hire both a travel assistance insurance as a cancellation. Although the price increase a little vacation can save you much trouble.

Visit the online forums about cruises, passengers can share their experiences and guide you on the ship or itinerary to book. Do not settle for the first view you see, the cruisers are usually very generous comment both good and bad.

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