Cruising Travel Tips For Beginners

imageMost of the cruising travel tips for beginners we see at revolve around ships etiquette, how to find the cheapest cruise deals and what to pack for a cruise. We see very little in the way of what the following article at talks about and while this may mean that it’s not that important, don’t be fooled, it’s very important for you to know this stuff.

Cruising tips for beginners such as how to avoid losing your bag during the baggage check-in and collection process; this is one of the most frustrating aspects of a cruise vacation, protecting yourself against injury, how to avoid problems on shore excursions and how to make the most of a ships port-of-call. These tips will help take the enjoyment experience to another level.

At the end of your cruise you will find that you luggage will be placed with many other peoples luggage and so we certainly recommend getting some distinctive tags or tape on your travel luggage or travel holdalls so that they are easily identifiable. There is nothing worse than at the end of your trip having to wait around searching through countless holdalls, handbags, briefcases, rucksacks and travel bags looking for your luggage for hours on end.

Respect The Sun

When you are out on the ocean it can feel quite mild with the cool ocean air running over you, however do not let this mislead the power of the sun and UV rays. One of the most common reasons people have to visit the cruise infirmary for treatment is due to sun burn and once burned it could be the end of you being able to sit outside in the direct sun light for the remainder of the trip.

The best advice is to take good factored sun cream with you that suits your skin type and apply regularly. Of course a lot depends on what cruise you are going on and at what time of year, as this will determine the sun strength. If unsure just ask the crew and they will be able to advise on the sun strength on your particular cruise voyage.

On The Streets

On the excursions to the shore of where ever your cruise ship docks you will find many street vendors approaching you who will be selling a lot of ‘questionable’ goods such as pirated CDs, fake bags, cigars etc. Many of these vendors are very persuasive and very skilled at getting you to hand over your money however be warned that many times the good will be flawed and you will have no way of getting your money back.

The best advice is to keep your wallet in your pocket and do not engage with them unless you really know the ‘score’ and are sure that the deal they are offering is legitimate. If you want to spend your money, do it with a local in their small shop as this way you know they are a legitimate store owner…..

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