Seat’s Mii city car

imageSeat’s take on the VW Group’s new city car platform, the Mii, goes on sale at the end of the year.

Hot on the heels of Skoda’s Citigo, Seat has taken the wraps off its own version of the Volkswagen Group’s new city car, the Mii.

Like the Citigo, the Mii is based on Volkswagen’s Up! four-seater and will use the same three-cylinder engine in 59- and 74bhp guises, each of which can be equipped with an eco upgrade pack (think start-stop and energy recuperation systems) to bring CO2 levels down to less than 100g/km.

The car will be available with a manual or automated manual gearbox, the latter featuring two electric motors “to help manage the smooth gear change”.

Like the Skoda, the Mii can be purchased with a City Safety Assist system, which uses lasers to detect other traffic and warn the driver of any impeding frontal impacts. There’s also a portable satnav device, just like the one you can get in – yes, you guessed it – the Skoda.

So what makes the Mii stand out from the Up! and Citigo? Well, according to Seat it’s the car’s “Mediterranean modernity”.

“The Mii breathes the very spirit of its remarkable hometown, Barcelona,” said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, who has recently taken up the role as head of design at Seat. “It is modern, it has a strong personality, but it isn’t loud. The Mii has the feel of a modern yet timeless product design.”

The launch of the Mii at the end of this year in three-door form (a five-door version will arrive in 2012), means Seat will return to the city car sector previously occupied by its popular Arosa model (itself based on the VW Lupo) from 1997 until 2005.

Expect prices for the new car to undercut the VW Up!, with the entry-level model likely to cost between £7,000-£8,000.

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