Top 10 Cruises for Adventure Travel

Here are the top 10 Cruises for Adventure Travel
1. Nova Scotia and Labrador Tall Ships, Canada
Cruises of Nova Scotia and Labrador Tall Ships last up to a week, the excitement of the wind through the sails of the ships will add you with seafaring heritage of eastern Canada

2. San Juan Islands, Washington
When you travel with San Juan Islands cruise from Washington, you can skip from island to island. Breathtaking views of beautiful wilderness are offered by the classic wooden vessels. You can also get gourmet meals which matches the flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

3. Pirate Cruise, Grand Cayman Island
Pirate Cruise of Grand Cayman is the Caribbean cruise, this is perfect for young and old children. This is duplicate of 17th century Spanish boat, it offers firing cannons, planks to walk and sword fighting as well.

4. Star Clipper to French Polynesia
Cruise lovers always dream about sailing between paradise islands. This cruise leaves from Tahiti and will take you to Huahine, Bora-Bora, Polynesian islands and Moorea, which lasts for seven days.

5.Junk Cruise, Andaman Sea, Thailand
Junk Cruise of Thailand travels through Andaman Sea. You can see rare seabirds, romantic beaches and popular limestone stalactites while traveling on this cruise. Andaman Sea has 3500 islands and all of them are beautiful.

6.Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Ha Long Bay of Vietnam has some 3000 steeps, extraordinarily sculptured limestone islands are some of the important part of attractions of this cruise.

7. Seychelles Islands
To explore the unspoiled islands of the Seychelles, you should reserve a yacht, it is well known for its clear waters and clean coral reefs. Hiring a skipper and a crew is a good idea, they will do all the hard work for you.

8. Dhow Cruise, Straits of Hormuz, Oman
On this cruise, you can see the mountains which rise straight up from the sea, inlets created by them looks similar to Norwegian fjords, there are some dotted villages and can be only reached by boats.

9. Lamu Island, Kenya
Lamu Island of Kenya is a very good cruise destination. The importance of this island is reflected by its historic buildings, this place is used as a port by African, Arab, and European explorers and traders.

10. Évia Island Cruise, Greece
Evia Island Cruise of Greece will take you the Island of Evia Island, which is the second largest island. This Island has bumpy coastline of wide beaches and steep mountains.

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