Lady Gaga Takes Over Barneys New York

imageIf you’re in New York or planning to go to a visit soon, make sure you drop by Barneys to visit the Gaga Workshop everyone’s rambling about. The pop icon launched the opening of the Gaga workshop just yesterday in a custom Chanel ivory poufy dress, designed by Karl Lagerfeld specially for the occasion.

Barneys 5th floor (which is around 5,500 square feet) is entirely dedicated to Gaga fans until January 2nd, 2012, beautifully decorated with chocolate Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes, Gaga-ish diamond studded stick on nails, and Gaga candles that are made to look like her head and cry when lit.

The holiday-shopping extravaganza took a whole year to make, carrying eight stations. The Lady Gaga jewelry shop is a gaga-faced spider, the library is a huge pop-up book, a boudoir selling over 170 limited edition Gaga themed products, strangely shaped in the form of a wig of course.

Christmas chocolate ornaments, monster cookies, candy lipsticks, Roald Dahl books, snow globes, glittery chocolate skulls, infant studded motorcycle leather jackets, and claw- shaped stockings are few of the things that you could pick up for a Gaga-crazed fanatic.

The Gaga monster installation on Barneys’ 60th street entrance is a show-stopper on its own; it’s like a combination of Santa Claus’ and Willy Wonka’s workshops. “It’s a `Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ moment,” Gaga said. “We wanted it all to be whimsical and fun, with a sense of art and fashion.” The project doesn’t only revolve around just selling. 25% of revenues made from online purchases or the Barneys store, will go to Gaga’s anti-bullying Born This Way foundation, hoping to raise over $1 million for the cause.

This definitely will be a Merry Christmas to all the Monsters out there!

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