Western Caribbean Cruise Tips

imageA Western Caribbean Cruise is one of the most in-demand cruise itineraries among cruise vacationers, offering an assortment of exotic destinations while many different cruise companies offer routes that customers can choose from. A Western Caribbean cruise may consist of stops such as Central America countries like Panama or Costa Rica, Belize, Jamaica, Mexico and the Cayman Islands. Magnificent coasts, varied wild life and offshore reefs are just some of the many attractions included in a Western Caribbean cruise. But when embarking on a Western Caribbean cruise, a cruiser may want to keep in mind several useful tips that would ensure their trip is one for the books.

Making a cruise reservation for a Western Caribbean cruise at least 5 months well in advance is recommended. A cruise vacationer should also keep in mind that the Christmas holidays or the month of July is considered peak season when cruises are very popular and in demand. Haste makes waste when the itinerary one wants is no longer available. In addition, flight bookings should also be factored in if getting to the cruise’s city of origin is imperative. Snagging the cabin one prefers would also be easier if a cruiser books with their preferred cruise line in advance. Another perk in an early reservation is the prerogative to cancel if anything goes wrong.

If it’s possible, cruisers are advised to avoid departing during hurricane season. They should also keep in mind that the Western Caribbean is often hit with hurricanes apart from tropical storms. It’s not unusual for the region to get affected by at least 5 to 10 hurricanes annually. Even in the safety of a well-equipped modern boat that passes all security standards, a major weather disturbance can still be risky on a Western Caribbean cruise. Hurricanes in the Western Caribbean are typically at their highest peak during the month of September, while hurricane season usually starts in June and doesn’t really start escalating until the middle of August. Even a hurricane falling under category 1 requires cruise ships to plot a different itinerary around the disturbance since most cruise ships have the prerogative to tweak cruise itineraries by taking passengers to alternative islands if a hurricane is expected at the original destination.

Bringing appropriate clothes to a trip lets a passenger enjoy a Western Caribbean cruise in comfort. Days are typically sunny and warm in the Western Caribbean sine the region has a generally mild climate, while nights are usually mild with temperatures rarely dipping below the 60s. There are, however, parts of the Caribbean where the weather can slightly be different. If taking an excursion into Costa Rica or Belize is part of the cruise activities, wearing light pants that will shield a tourist from the sun plus protect their legs from tropical parasites is recommended. In addition, donning on a wide-brimmed hat is a smart idea since the sun’s rays can get harsh in certain areas where trees may be minimal such as the interiors of the Cayman Islands. Formal attire is de rigueur not only to tour historical places of interest and religious monuments but also during nightly dinners onboard an elegant cruise ship. Vacationers on a Western Caribbean cruise who plan to snorkel can benefit from the use of water proof shoes that can protect them from rocky beaches and sea wildlife.

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