Accumulation Plan and Investment Property

imageThe plans for capital accumulation are forms of investment that may have different specific purposes, but these tend to be construed as intended to give rise to a capital that can grow with the passage of time without requiring an excessive outlay. Moreover, this sum may be set aside to counter an expected expenditure in the future (from a car to a building, through the college expenses for their children).
One wonders at this point what the correct amount to be paid. The amount may be varied, depending on your abilities and your goals.

The minimum amount to be paid is 50 Euros per month, but this figure can rise without limit details. This tool is ideal for those who present themselves as small investors, which have a fixed salary. The investment may then be earmarked for investment or pension funds, offering the advantage of not being influenced by the market or by errors of evaluation of the market. The seasonal component is then discarded altogether as a possible timing wrong to participate in a given investment.

Another safe form of investment, the investment property. It is a market in constant growth, despite predictions that have been in vain black successive years. In this period, in particular, there has been a real surge in the market, thanks to the spread of the culture of the mortgage and debt.
Here’s a property that can be understood as a purchase in itself and as an investment (in the case where, for example, the property is for rent). The real estate investment, moreover, it favors those with cash to support such an expenditure of this kind.

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