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The Money System is a Confidence Trick

imageBanks loan us money they create out of nothing. Not only is this a trick, but it is outlawed by the Constitution, even though our government allows this criminal activity. This activity is at the heart of our unsound money system, which is the direct cause of our nation’s present economic collapse. To overturn our economic decline we must have a sound and constitutional money system.

I thought that, as a scientific man, I have to know something about economics. So I studied the money system for two years and could create nothing of it. Then, one day, the fact dawned on me. What I was study was not a system, but a confidence trick. The end that the money system is a confidence trick comes from the father of nuclear fission, Nobel Prize winning chemist Frederick Soddy.

An effective way to make money

For organizations that effectively use online resources such as social media and web marketing of all kinds, we must recognize the fact that emerging platforms are additional resources. They help to harmonize and extend various existing sources of recruitment. The media can be used for sourcing candidates, interacting directly with job applicants and establishing a direct communication channel with them. Can also be used as an additional source of public relations broadcasting daily updates making effective ads. As does the pay per click.

An effective way to make money

imageFor organizations that effectively use online resources such as social media and web marketing of all kinds, we must recognize the fact that emerging platforms are additional resources. They help to harmonize and extend various existing sources of recruitment. The media can be used for sourcing candidates, interacting directly with job applicants and establishing a direct communication channel with them. Can also be used as an additional source of public relations broadcasting daily updates making effective ads. As does the pay per click.

3 Simple Tips To Make Money Online

imageHave an idea to make money online but do not know where to start?

There are several ways to make money online, even if you have a product to sell. Keep in mind that running a business online takes time and effort, just like any other business deal. However, you can start without any product, something that is less a barrier for most people who want to start a business.

How to Make Money with Adsense

imageLooking for specific information about other ways to monetize a website other than adsense I noticed that most people who ask this question do not have a specific answer and not have to make money online with adsense is not for everyone.

There is so diverse that information is often not credible, however I want to give a firm answer to this question:

Can you make money with adsense?

After more than 1 year internet I’m learning but it is certain that if you can win money on the Internet and specifically with adsense, which is a Google program with confidence and seriousness of this global monster, which always pays on time.

Online Money Making and Receive SMS Web Business Plans

imageThe incoming messages to your mobile are irritating to you. Now, you can earn money by Receive SMS Web through Earn from SMS business plans. With this business plans you can earn money by receiving SMS to your mobile.

Online Money Making process will help us to get some money from online and you can also from the group with your friends. You will get extra money through SMS earning money if more friends from your group get registered.

You can also call it as SMS earning money with different business plans. It’s very simple and easy to earn money through online. Earn from SMS is the one way to get easy earnings from online and we can also get the money by suggesting this earn money by receiving SMS to your friends as well.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Elite

imageRecently I get an email indicating the appearance on the Internet (and Spanish) of a system of income generation from home, offering a simple formula for making money online.

This immediately caught my attention. So I went to have a look, as they say. Oh! surprise when I find something well thought out and worth reading. Batteries headed off with the contents of the page and I could not but feel the satisfaction of good work with which I had encountered. These are few in Spanish.

Make Money Online

imageTo make money online is easy, but it asks for a lot of hard work. Whenever you wanted to start earning money online, you go through the websites which guide you to make money online, and at the end you are left with a number of ways to earn money. Some websites quotes that you can become a millionaire within few days.

So just come back to reality as earning money online and becoming rich through the internet is possible, but it’s not quite easy and quick. Before you begin with any work you must know that what it is all about and how it will work, just explore about all the jobs and then choose the best one. Here are few jobs that will help you earn money online:

Pay Day Loans – Convenient Money for Salaried Professionals

imageThe need for money is never ending and it does not matter how much you earn, you would always be short of it. There are times when you would have to earn more money for certain commitments which are totally unexpected. You would depend on the savings that you have or probably loan some cash. Over a period of few decades money lending system has changed a lot, banks, private organizations have emerged into creating a huge industry for loans.

Forex Market How To Make Money With This Type of Investment

imageThe forex market investments are those made by buying and selling currencies especially the dollar, euro and sterling. This market is driven by the Internet and is practically running 24 hours a day, 7 days (See Also Trade and Investment Forex Online – Forex Investing).

Such investment can be very risky because it handles a large amount of variables, so it is recommended that a preliminary study of the entire market to know really like is that it should operate properly.

For the management of investments in the forex market there is also some robots which are responsible for all the operations in this market, no doubt like to know is how reliable are these.

Create Your Own Online Business And Earn Money

imageHave you ever thought of starting your own online business? Ever thought of earning money online? Well, this article could help you decide on what online business you should consider to help you earn money.

There are three different categories of online business which you could select from namely: selling products or services to retail customers, selling on eBay, and business-to-business selling. You can select from these three categories but before you do make sure that you have great interest and knowledge about your business.

If you choose to sell retail products you can look for a retail hosting company than most retail websites. If you sell products on eBay you can look for a wholesale distributor of products where you can buy them in markdown prices. If you already work in a business-to-business forum, this will be an easy transition for you.

Investment advice: The importance of the bigger picture

imageEven experienced investors require investment advice when the stock market falls sharply, and this often requires taking a balanced approach, which can still prove to be rewarding over time.

etween July 8 and September 16, 2011, the UK FTSE 100TM dropped by 11pc – potentially having an effect on the value of investments. During such uncertain moments, it can be tempting to cash in your investments to avoid further potential losses.

Yet such drastic action can prove to be a costly mistake – especially if you took out professional investment advice agreeing a long-term investment horizon with your adviser at the outset.

Whether you’ve been investing for years or are considering doing so for the first time, although sudden market falls can be disappointing news in the short-term, it may not impact as significantly on, or spell the end of, your overall strategy.

How to invest

Rather than only having exposure to stocks and shares investments, essentially there are four other types of assets that can also feature in your overall portfolio – cash (deposit- based savings), fixed interest (loans to the Government or companies), property and commodities (e.g. gold). By investing in funds that contain a range of these asset classes, you could reduce the overall risk to your capital.

In practice, this means that when one type of asset is performing less well – such as equities recently – other areas may produce higher returns. This balanced approach means the performance of your investments isn’t solely dictated by stock market trends – as you may enjoy the benefits from the better performing assets to help you achieve your objectives.

Andrew Barker, managing director of Skipton Financial Services (SFS) – the Telegraph Investment & Savings Service’s specially chosen provider – advised: “No one can predict with absolute certainty which asset class will perform the best and when. So investing in a fund controlled by a proactive fund manager can make a sizeable difference to the returns you earn. They can use their experience and expertise to quickly alter the asset allocation of the fund; taking advantage of market opportunities they identify and reduce the impact when other assets underperform.”

Historic market recoveries

That said, the recent stock market volatility may not have resulted in fund managers hastily ditching exposed investments. Instead they may have concluded that, in the longer term, these assets continue to offer potential to deliver robust growth, and so kept hold of them.

While past performance should not be considered a guide to future returns, historically markets have recovered strongly, over time, from significant market crashes. According to Hindsight statistics, in 1987, ‘Black Monday’ saw the TM FTSE 100 (total return including dividends) fall 31pc – but five years later it had grown by 120pc. After the devastating 9/11 attacks in 2001, the FTSE 100TM dropped 11pc; by September 2006 it had risen by 57pc.

Andrew added: “Recent events shouldn’t panic you into encashing your investments; as it will probably result in the realisation of recent losses, while depriving you of the long-term potential gains when markets recover. Time – not timing – is the key to a successful investment strategy.”

Has your investment adviser been in touch?

Despite the importance of maintaining a long-term viewpoint, recent events may have understandably left you feeling concerned. Your adviser should have got in touch to offer an update and reassurance – if they have failed to do so, you should consider looking elsewhere for a better service.

SFS can hold a no-obligation review to help you determine if your current savings and investments are best positioned for your financial needs. They also offer a unique, market- leading investment proposition – Monitored Informed Investing (MII) – where you can be assured SFS will regularly monitor your investments, and keep you informed of their performance through the good and bad times.

An SFS adviser will first help you determine your appetite to risk and reward before, where appropriate (because the funds available from MII are not like a bank or building society account as the value of these investments can rise and fall and your capital is at risk), recommending suitable MII Core Funds which are proactively managed by industry-leading fund managers. SFS will provide you with comprehensive updates on your investments’ performance on a quarterly basis – giving you peace of mind that your best interests are being looked after. Any charges or fees payable to SFS will be discussed with you before you make any investment decision.

Andrew concluded: “If an MII Core Fund we recommend goes on to significantly under perform against its peers for a period, we will even rebate our ongoing charges or offer you a fund switch with no charge from SFS. We firmly believe that we are in it with you.”

Click here to find out more! 20 Tips to Save Time and Money in Your Small Business and At Home

imageThese are difficult times and every small business (and large one) needs to find ways to save money and time without delivering less value to their customers.  Service to customers must be maintained, and product or service value is the key to continued business.  So what can you do?

Here are 20 tips that are proven time or money savers. Time is money so the two savings are combined here. Since many small businesses are operated out of home offices, these will also save money and/or time at home. Choose the ones that work for you and start saving now.

The Basics of Saving Money While Studying Abroad

imageTraveling is a luxury many of us cannot afford. Obviously, that’s what student loans are for, however much we may ache in repaying them in the days after graduation.

The following are tips to save money while traveling abroad so you have less to worry about later. Don’t worry; your experience abroad won’t be stunted by your savings.

Before you go

1. When you’re still in the planning stages of where you want to study abroad, look outside of Europe. Yes, Florence is the most beautiful city I’ve set eyes upon, but it was also expensive. Much of Europe is (especially the British Isles). Many areas of South and Central America, Africa, and Asia (excluding the likes of Tokyo, of course) offer incredible cultural experiences for less money.

20 Simple Money Saving Tips for your future needs and financial security

imageEverything seems to hinge on money these days. The prices of the provisions and the basic things have been skyrocketing, making a hole in the pockets. You never know when you will have to face economic downturn. Money saving is extremely important for your future needs and security. Keep in mind to distinguish between wants and needs and make money saving your hobby.

10 Best Tips To Save Money

imageMoney is one of the blessings of God Almighty. Those people who struggles and work hard to earn money to make both ends meet also searches different ways of saving it for good after all the incurring expenses. It is not easy as you thought. After paying utility bills, grocery bills, children’s fees, car maintenance and a spending little money on fun activities it is very hard for a person to mange his savings. So I have made a long research in finding the best tips to save the money. It looks difficult to adapt but if you try this then you will be able to control your budget very easily and you can also save a handful amount of money. So let have a look in 10 best tips to save money.

Money and Marketing: 4 Business Model Blunders to Avoid

imageWhat may be holding you back from reaching 6-figures (or even more) isn’t lack of ambition or desire, it may simply be your business model.
Think of your business model as the design of your various services, info products and programs. Too many entrepreneurs offer a bunch of “stuff” without any real thought as to how each offer will best leverage their time, plus create the maximum amount of revenue.
Naturally, they end up disappointed with the results, which is really a shame because anyone can create a winning 6- and 7-figure business model once they know a few simple tips.
Here are 4 simple tips to ensure your business model doesn’t have you making common blunders that will keep your income from growing.

The Online Business

imageDoing business online is becoming an option for more and more merchants as they discover that it is an efficient, safe, and hassle-free way to market their products.

Online merchants are now fast turning cyberspace into an online shopping mall, selling most everything from t-shirts to cellular phones and concluding thousands of transactions in the relative ease and safety of their living rooms, office cubicles, o even of specialty coffee shops. This allows merchants to be not physically available to check everything because business can be done remotely. If you are planning of taking the online option for your product, here are some pieces of advice to get prepared:

How is the best way to make money through internet business

imageSeveral leaders with proven success to focus on making money with an Internet business is very bad idea, the focus needs to be to something more human, real and be done with the help of people.

We think that our priority is money and embrace a business that promises to earn very good money, but do you really want money or satisfy a need?

What is the best way to make money with an Internet business?

How to Make Money Online Without a Web Site?

imageYou do not need a website to earn money online. Here’s a proven strategy to make money online without a website:

Step 1: Find Affiliate Product

Find a product to promote that has a good commission on each sale. Generally receive higher commissions on [removed] [removed] digital products. Digital products are defined as something that is downloaded directly to a customer’s computer after purchasing, like electronic books or software.

Trying to find out about sell online

imageSelling on the Internet is to make money is to give genuine value to the market, I’ll tell you my experience before I met my mentor I was interested only in making money, I do not care if he was giving market value or not, my number 1 focus was money, but I finally realized that money is simply a paper, I realized that if I make money I must give value to the market when money is exchanged value, since that then shift my focus on having money to give people genuine value to genuinely help and the money will come only one of my mentors in internet Berezowsky Alex tells me to create true value and he recommended a book called “Influence by Robert Cialdini” . (I recommend you read and APPLIED)

How you can cash in your old gadgets for cash

Strapped for cash? If you’re one of the millions of people with a stash of gadgets they never use, why not trade them in?

According to Asda, the numbers of unused gadgets in our homes is worth billions and includes 11 million cameras, 9 million desktop ­computers, 5.5 million laptops, more than a million sat navs and 12 million games consoles.

The trade-in value of mobile phones alone is estimated to be a whopping £700million.

How can we turn our business into a franchise?


Peter Fernandes (pic: Brian Williamson)

WE have been running for the last 13 years, offering interactive virtual tours for estate agents, hotels, businesses, bars and restaurants.

Tough new regulations will stop pre-paid card issuers from cashing in


Many like to pay on plastic

PRE-paid card users will no longer risk being left out of pocket as tough new e-money regulations have come into force this week.

Melanie Wright reveals how you could slash your mobile phone bill


Millions of us make the effort to switch gas and electricity firms, bank accounts and insurance to cut costs –  but when did you last check your mobile phone deal?

Jamie Breese’s Focus On David Hockney ceramic cat


A rare earthenware ceramic cat made by David Hockney sold at ­auction recently for a surprisingly high amount. Hockney – whose paintings sell for millions of pounds – was 18 when he made the piece, which was the star of the show.

Treasure Hunters with Jamie Breese


Q: I have nearly all the Beano annuals going back to about 1970, with just three or four ­years missing from the set. They are in virtually pristine condition (my mother has written on the inside cover of a few). Are they valuable? Would it be worth me trying to buy the missing years? – David Marrow, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

Hannah Williams reveals how she slashed her mobile phone bill


Hannah Williams recently switched from a pay monthly deal with T-Mobile to a pay-as-you-go contract with O2 and saved £15 a month.

Hannah, 24, from Cardiff, was on a £30-a-month tariff that gave her unlimited texts and 500 ­minutes call time – yet she regularly spent £40 or more.

Pound Notes with Melanie Wright


£BRITONS are spending an average of £900 a year going to weddings. A typical wedding guest spends £111 on travel and ­accommodation, £106 on clothes, £81 on wedding gifts, £63 at the reception and £91 on the night of the stag or hen do. That adds up to £452 and, with the average person going to two weddings a year, the annual cost comes to £904.

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