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What the royal wedding means for the Beckhams


Could Prince William and Kate Middleton steal the celebrity crown from David and Victoria? Of course not At this pivotal time for our nation, there are certain questions I am asked more than any others in my formal capacity as Sometime Writer of a Page Designed To Be Taken Desperately Seriously. Perhaps the most common one: “Is Alex Reid still a celebrity?” (The short answer: it’s complicated. We’re going to have to deal with it in full next week.) Second only to that inquiry, however, is the question: “What does the royal wedding mean for the Beckhams?”

Let’s shoot the breeze


Tell us what you’re up to in the garden this weekend It’s Good Friday, the weather forecast is great, what better time to get cracking in the garden and on the allotment?

But first, why not tell us what you’re going to be up to? Shooting the Breeze is our new Friday slot where you share your gardening plans for the weekend, ask for help with your horticultural problems and dilemmas, and offer up your top tips for the garden.

How a garden can come back to life


A few chickens will be coming home to roost this Easter say Stephen Lacey I love this late spring wave of bulbs and blossom, but on Sunday’s Easter egg hunt there will be a lot of spectres at the feast. The garden plunged to 12F (-11C) during the winter – not as bad as other parts of the country, but the low temperatures were early, vicious and long-lived enough to cause the worst damage I have had in 30 years. Of course, seduced like everyone else by our long succession of mild winters into growing an increasingly large range of plants of borderline hardiness, I did have many more chickens for the roost.

Fashion in the garden


Take off your coat, take off your boot,
Take off your woolly hat, your boiler suit.

It’s hard to cut a dash on the veg patch, writes Jane Perrone It’s hard to cut a dash on the veg patch, writes Jane Perrone These lyrics from the song ‘Bag Lady’ by comedian Rich Hall sum up how I dress for working in the garden. While other women seem to look effortlessly chic while tending their plots (I am thinking of Michelle Obama, Carol Klein, Rachel de Thame, to name a few), I start the day by stumbling out the back door in ill-fitting cords and a shapeless sweater, and end it looking as if I have been dragged through a hedge backwards: not so much shabby chic as just plain shabby.*

10 of the best spring gardens to visit


Tony Russell celebrates the seasonal planting highlights at a handful of Britain’s finest gardens

Armadale, Isle of Skye

This 40-acre garden, set around the romantic ruins of Armadale Castle, has a spectacular setting on the Sleat Peninsula of the Isle of Skye. The warm, generally frost-free climate of the west coast of Scotland allows this sheltered garden, dating back to the 17th century, to grow a diverse range of tender trees, shrubs and bulbs from all over the temperate world. South American shrubs, such as the Chilean fire bush (Embothrium coccineum) and

Chillingham castle: A splendid recovery


A crumbling northern castle with a proud history has been rescued by an English eccentric, whose whimsical collections have breathed new life into the building

World Car of the Year winners announced


The Chevrolet Volt, Aston Martin Rapide and Ferrari 458 Italia all won awards, but it was the Nissan Leaf that took overall honours.
World Car of the Year winners announced

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