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Apple day: A celebration of core values

imageOrchards around the country are hosting apple days to encourage everyone to make the most of a bumper harvest.

Autumn is here and apples are falling from the tree. They’ve had a great summer, particularly the English varieties, and orchards around the country are hosting apple days to encourage everyone to make the most of a bumper harvest.

With commercial growers feeling the financial pinch, there is special incentive to turn a profit from the fruiting weeks. Many growers are sticking to October 21, the official “Apple Day” started in 1990 when Common Ground, a collective of growers, held a celebration in Covent Garden. Others are holding their own apple days throughout the month.

Ted Hobday is head guide at the Brogdale Fruit Collection in Kent, which grows a staggering 2,200 different varieties of apple. The farm is holding an apple festival – Britain’s largest – on October 22 and 23. “The apples are coming two or three weeks early this year,” he says, “and they don’t seem to have lost any of their flavour. The plums this year lost a little bit of their taste, but the apples seem fine.

“Also, I don’t know why, but more seem to be dropping than usual. In spite of this, the crop seems pretty good.”

Has Hollywood cracked China?

imageThe Chinese film industry is ‘opening up’, but how genuine it is about co-operation with US studios remains to be seen Here’s a business-lounge scary story. In 1994, Warner Bros was feeling very pleased with itself. It had just finalised a joint venture with the Chinese government to bring the splendours of multiplex cinema to the country. And the terms were good: a 70/30 profit split in favour of the Americans. Building began, but several months later, strange tidings arrived at Warner HQ. The arrangement had been reviewed: still favouring Warner, but now to the tune of 51/49. There was confusion and disbelief in California, but work continued. The eighth cinema was ready when the inevitable happened: the Chinese authorities decided that foreign companies could not own cinemas. The split was arbitrarily reversed 49/51, leaving Beijing with its hands on the curtain cords of several million dollars’ worth of chipper new multiplexes.

Five Travel Tips to China by Mel Lifshitz


1. Register Yourself – First thing first. This is a SOP for all travelers especially to those ones who often go abroad. Be sure to register at the local Shanghai embassy or consulate once you arrive.

2. Be a Law Abiding Citizen – As a traveler, you should uphold the traveler’s code of conduct and should not violet any laws in any countries. You must be sensitive to your surroundnings.

3. Photocopy Your Passport Details – You should always make a copy of your passport details, insurance policy, traveller cheques, and credit cards. This would save you in times of crisis like damaged passport or stolen bag and the like.

Downton Abbey fever fuels bidding frenzy at Cowdray Park House auction

imageFamily heirlooms from Cowdray Park House fetched way over the estimated sale price today thanks to the public’s clamour for a take-away slice of the aristocracy, driven in part by the popularity of the ITV drama.

Christie’s auctioneers had thought the entire three-day sale would raise £5 million, but by the end of the first day today it had already taken £5.7 million.

Viscount Cowdray is putting 1,200 lots under the hammer at the auction of art, furniture and bric-a-brac where members of the public can pick up their own piece of country house history for as little as £50.

5 travel scams to avoid

As travel is getting more and more popular, scams related to travel are also getting increasingly widespread. Even the most seasoned traveler can fall pray to a wily scammer, because just as travelers get creative when it comes to their trips, so do scammers and their attempts to leech some money off you.


Picking a naive tourist’s pockets is small fry compared to some rip-offs that have been heard of nowadays. So here are 5 travel scams to avoid in some of the most popular travel destinations in the world.
Orlando, USA

Unfortunately hotels around Disney World are not protected against identity theft, and some scammers deviously capitalized on tourists’ craving for pizza. Pizza menu were slipped under doors, guests would call and order, but their credit card numbers were not used to pay for pizza, but for identity theft. Of course, this kind of scam can happen anywhere, because scammers can rely on the fact that tourists (and often, locals too) don’t know that much about local businesses.

Top 10 most beautiful castles in the world

imageTraveling is never boring, and there are few people who don’t have fond memories of holidays spent roaming the globe, exploring a city or country where they’ve never been before. Experiencing something new and exciting is the essence of travel, and a successful trip is usually a trip that teaches something about a place or the people living there. So if you are willing to expand your horizons while traveling, here’s a list of the ultimate top 10 travel experiences that you shouldn’t miss in your life!

London’s rich sell as foreign money pours in

Britain’s rich and famous are moving out of central London’s most up-market districts and being replaced by wealthy overseas buyers, according to new research.

imageSavills, the estate agent, says £3.7bn of foreign money is pouring into the prime London housing market every year and especially into areas such as Mayfair, Kensington, Notting Hill and Chelsea.

The demand is leading to UK owners selling their homes and moving to outer London, creating a “champagne tower effect” with the distribution of wealth in the capital.

Savills’ report, called World in London and published on Friday, says British sellers of homes in central London have outnumbered British buyers by 30pc this year, compared with 5pc in 2008. Meanwhile, foreign buyers have outnumbered foreign sellers by 58pc in 2011, up from 23pc in 2008.

Cultural city breaks: Great art, kept all to yourself

How do you avoid the ever-growing crowds that pack the big European museums? Nick Trend suggests some ways to make the experience more positive.

imageOn a packed London tube train I was contorting my neck, trying to see through the crowd and check which station we had arrived at. The experience reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I remembered – it was visiting the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael rooms in the Vatican Museums.

The same feeling of half-suffocated, frustrated claustrophobia had overwhelmed me a few years ago as I shuffled along with the tide of tourists, waiting for a gap to open so that I could steal a glimpse of Raphael’s frescoes, or find an unencumbered vantage point from which to view Michelangelo’s ceiling. When God created Adam, he surely didn’t imagine quite so many of his progeny crammed into one place at the same time.

Saab gets €150m lifeline from China’s Hawtai Motor Group

imageSwedish car maker Saab appears to have secured a cash injection after Hawtai Motor Group, a Chinese company, agreed to invest €150m (£135m) to rescue the business.

The investment means Sweden’s two most famous automotive brands are now backed by China after Geely bought Volvo from Ford last year.

An ailing Saab was acquired from General Motors for $400m (£243m) by Dutch car maker Spyker, but its turnaround plan has been hindered by disappointing sales. This sparked a liquidity crisis that led to Saab halting production on April 6 as unpaid suppliers stopped deliveries.

National Business Awards winners announced


On a night of triumph for UK plc, the best British businesses gathered to celebrate excellence, innovation and ethics at the ninth annual National Business Awards in partnership with Orange at the Grosvenor House Hotel.

Opening the ceremony with a video message recorded before jetting off to the G20 Summit, Prime Minister David Cameron congratulated all of the finalists recognised by this year’s Awards saying they were an inspiration not only to the business community but those in government trying to support recovery.

Chillingham castle: A splendid recovery


A crumbling northern castle with a proud history has been rescued by an English eccentric, whose whimsical collections have breathed new life into the building

Bernardo Bertolucci: ‘I thought my film-making was over’

‘For the last two or three years, I’d been thinking I wouldn’t be able to do any more movies,’ says Bernardo Bertolucci Photo: AGF s.r.l. / Rex Features
By David Gritten 5:00PM BST 14 Apr 2011

He is 71 now, and has received more than his share of critical and public praise since he shot his first film, The Grim Reaper, half a century ago. But the rush to honour the great Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci is currently more urgent than ever before.

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