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Travel Tips for Egypt

imageslam in Egypt is not a religion reserved for Fridays and holidays – it is a shaping factor in all aspects of daily life. As such, many social conventions stem from the teachings of the Koran, the Muslim holy book. People are enjoined by their religion to be courteous and hospitable and they expect similar respect from visitors. Shaking hands is the normal greeting but men should wait for a woman to offer her hand before assuming it is acceptable.

Cruise passengers take legal action over illness

More than 130 British holidaymakers are taking legal action against Fred Olsen after allegedly falling ill on board one of its ships.


The cruise line was this week accused of “repeatedly failing to protect the health of tourists” on the MV Boudicca following several outbreaks of sickness.

Irwin Mitchell, a British law firm that specialises in travel-related cases, is representing 138 people who claim they suffered severe gastric illness on the ship, which sails to the Canary Islands, Europe and west Africa, between 2009-2011. Some of those passengers have blamed poor hygiene.

Fred Olsen accepts that illness has occurred on the ship, but says the symptoms suffered by passengers were indicative of norovirus – a common cause of infectious gastroenteritis that it says is beyond its control.

Ask Tom: Live Q&A

Lonely Planet’s Tom Hall was online today answering your travel queries.


Click comments to ask a question for next time A fortnight ago Tom was inundated with questions on where to go this September, so he’ll be giving more advice and suggestions on the subject this time around. He’ll also be giving updates on the current travel situation in Greece and Egypt before moving on to answer whatever questions you throw at him.

Tom will get to as many as he can in an hour, but due to the volume of questions, he may not be able to answer all of them in the live blog. Unanswered questions will be considered for future Ask Tom blog posts.

Top 10 most beautiful castles in the world

imageTraveling is never boring, and there are few people who don’t have fond memories of holidays spent roaming the globe, exploring a city or country where they’ve never been before. Experiencing something new and exciting is the essence of travel, and a successful trip is usually a trip that teaches something about a place or the people living there. So if you are willing to expand your horizons while traveling, here’s a list of the ultimate top 10 travel experiences that you shouldn’t miss in your life!

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