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Cruising for young(ish) people, by a first-timer

imageNatalie Paris boards a cruise for the first time, as part of a multi-generational family holiday in the Mediterranean.

We lined the upper deck, clinging to the railings and waving farewell to the shrinking tower of St Mark’s basilica. The chorus from Time to Say Goodbye blared cheesily from loudspeakers behind us. Below, on canal-side terraces, tourists squinted up from their Bellinis as all 93,330 tons of us slid by, rudely blotting out the sun. Our Mediterranean cruise had finally begun, with a showy sail along the Grand Canal in Venice. Even for this apprehensive first-timer, it was a pretty exciting moment.

In common with most independent people in their twenties or thirties, I wouldn’t have chosen a cruise for myself. Holidays for me are about the freedom to get out and explore. And once I’m out, I tend to want to stay out. Late. But this trip was not solely about me. Our party consisted of three generations of my boyfriend’s family, all avid cruisers. One was celebrating a significant birthday and so those of us unaccustomed to itineraries and fixed mealtimes had agreed to be open-minded. What the occasion required was easy sightseeing at a reasonable price, with plenty of opportunities for ballroom dancing. "We don’t have to spend every minute together," the cruising regulars assured us, "just don’t be late back or the ship will leave without you."

Cruising Tips

imageEvery year more and more people discover why cruises are the ideal vacation. A cruise ship is basically your giant buffet of wonderful experiences, with a wide selection of cuisines and cultures, activities in the sun and spas to pamper your every indulgence, destinations to exotic locales and a million ways to relax. You can do it all or do absolutely nothing – the choice is yours!

Chart Your Course! Pick the Cruise That’s Right for You
Your first choice is the most enjoyable, for it allows your mind to wander around the globe and back again, revisiting every destination your dreams have ever taken you to. Where in the world do you want to go and for how long?

Top 10 Cruises for Adventure Travel

Here are the top 10 Cruises for Adventure Travel
1. Nova Scotia and Labrador Tall Ships, Canada
Cruises of Nova Scotia and Labrador Tall Ships last up to a week, the excitement of the wind through the sails of the ships will add you with seafaring heritage of eastern Canada

2. San Juan Islands, Washington
When you travel with San Juan Islands cruise from Washington, you can skip from island to island. Breathtaking views of beautiful wilderness are offered by the classic wooden vessels. You can also get gourmet meals which matches the flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

3. Pirate Cruise, Grand Cayman Island
Pirate Cruise of Grand Cayman is the Caribbean cruise, this is perfect for young and old children. This is duplicate of 17th century Spanish boat, it offers firing cannons, planks to walk and sword fighting as well.

Factors to Consider when Planning a European Cruise

imageOnce you decide to take a European cruise, you will quickly find that planning the vacation is not an easy task.  There are many factors to consider when planning your dream vacation such as voyage lengths, price ranges, potential destinations, and the many different cruise lines.  This article will cover some of the factors you must think about to ensure you find the European cruise that meets your needs and desires, allowing you to enjoy a perfect vacation.

The first thing you have to think about is the time of year you will take your cruise.  If you have commitments or a work schedule that will limit when you can travel,

there may be a significant impact on selecting a destination.  You will have to decide when you can travel so you can research the European cruises that are best to take at that specific time of the year.

Ask Tom: Live Q&A

Lonely Planet’s Tom Hall was online today answering your travel queries.


Click comments to ask a question for next time A fortnight ago Tom was inundated with questions on where to go this September, so he’ll be giving more advice and suggestions on the subject this time around. He’ll also be giving updates on the current travel situation in Greece and Egypt before moving on to answer whatever questions you throw at him.

Tom will get to as many as he can in an hour, but due to the volume of questions, he may not be able to answer all of them in the live blog. Unanswered questions will be considered for future Ask Tom blog posts.

Food and wine: guide to good eating abroad

Heading to the Continent on holiday? You are probably looking forward to some delicious food. But how do you find it? Andrew Purvis has some tips.


Eating well is one of the great pleasures of travel. Often, it is emotive and sensuous – the thing we remember most about a holiday: a delicious breakfast of fresh cornetto and cappuccino in Tuscany; a fragrant lunch of red tomatoes, chalk-white cheese, black olives, cucumber and a boiled egg on a sunny terrace in Bodrum; the briny indulgence of ozone-fresh fruits de mer eaten at a beachfront table in Nice with the setting sun in your eyes, salt in the air and a chilled glass in your hand. We like to feel that we are relishing a cuisine which is rooted into a different landscape, climate and tradition.

What the royal wedding means for the Beckhams


Could Prince William and Kate Middleton steal the celebrity crown from David and Victoria? Of course not At this pivotal time for our nation, there are certain questions I am asked more than any others in my formal capacity as Sometime Writer of a Page Designed To Be Taken Desperately Seriously. Perhaps the most common one: “Is Alex Reid still a celebrity?” (The short answer: it’s complicated. We’re going to have to deal with it in full next week.) Second only to that inquiry, however, is the question: “What does the royal wedding mean for the Beckhams?”

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