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Offers Attractive Packages for Shimla Manali

imageIndia Summer can sometimes bear. Therefore, during the summer months there are long holiday in schools and universities and the heads of people in the mountain town for a refreshing and spend a few days into the holiday atmosphere of cool places. Of all the hill stations in India, Shimla and Manali are the most popular.  Now is the time you use the custom course work writing service for your job and start traveling.

Ski resorts in strange places

Russia plans to build a series of ski resorts in the North Caucases, a beautiful but unstable region that is prone to violence from insurgents.


Here are some other strange places to find ski resorts:


The tiny African country, surrounded by South Africa, has one of the world’s most unlikely ski resorts. Operating from June to September the resort is perched on a mountain that does get some snow in the southern hemisphere’s winter, but mainly relies on snowmaking. About 3,000 tourists – mostly from South Africa, visit each year.

St Lucia: Bowled over by the island of calm

Trust Andrew Strauss to do something a little bit different. When England cricket captains buy Caribbean property, you expect them to plump for the Royal Westmoreland in Barbados, a luxury resort where every other villa seems to be owned by a celebrity sportsman. Michael Vaughan has a villa there. So does Freddie Flintoff.


Not Strauss. The man who has just led England to world domination on the cricket field by crushing India 4-0, is a mild-mannered, retiring type who seems happier away from the limelight than hogging centre stage. He lives in the quiet Buckinghamshire town of Marlow with his Australian wife, Ruth, and their two small boys.

Instead of the glitz of Barbados, Strauss has opted for the understated chic of St Lucia. It is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean to its admirers, but not one where you would expect to find Simon Cowell chatting to Sienna Miller under a palm tree.

Cultural city breaks: Great art, kept all to yourself

How do you avoid the ever-growing crowds that pack the big European museums? Nick Trend suggests some ways to make the experience more positive.

imageOn a packed London tube train I was contorting my neck, trying to see through the crowd and check which station we had arrived at. The experience reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I remembered – it was visiting the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael rooms in the Vatican Museums.

The same feeling of half-suffocated, frustrated claustrophobia had overwhelmed me a few years ago as I shuffled along with the tide of tourists, waiting for a gap to open so that I could steal a glimpse of Raphael’s frescoes, or find an unencumbered vantage point from which to view Michelangelo’s ceiling. When God created Adam, he surely didn’t imagine quite so many of his progeny crammed into one place at the same time.

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