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Return to the Falklands, ITV1: ”The Paras had killed with bayonet as well as bullet”

imageWar reporter Michael Nicholson recalls his memories of the Falklands after returning to the Islands for a new ITV film.

Exactly 30 years ago, at the end of a very bloody conflict, I left the Falklands never expecting to go back. Returning to a war zone is the oddest mix of excitement and sadness. But nostalgia can be a very assorted package and in the Falklands it is especially so.

All the other wars I have covered have been other people’s wars. But in 1982, in those 10 weeks and 8,000 miles away in the South Atlantic, I was reporting a war among my own people, alongside British soldiers fighting on behalf of a few thousand islanders who were defiantly British.


Posh actors have it easier, says Downton Abbey footman
Working class actors are being squeezed out of the profession by “posh” actors who can afford to live without a regular wage, according to one of the stars of Downton Abbey.

Rob James-Collier, who plays Thomas the footman in the ITV period drama, said that those from privileged backgrounds have the “comfort blanket” of family wealth to fund their ambitions.

He likened the early years of an acting career to other professions in which only middle-class offspring can afford to do unpaid internships.

“You have to work for a year with no money. How on earth are you going to finance that?” he asked, adding that he had fought hard to make it as a “working class lad”.

Downton Abbey fever fuels bidding frenzy at Cowdray Park House auction

imageFamily heirlooms from Cowdray Park House fetched way over the estimated sale price today thanks to the public’s clamour for a take-away slice of the aristocracy, driven in part by the popularity of the ITV drama.

Christie’s auctioneers had thought the entire three-day sale would raise £5 million, but by the end of the first day today it had already taken £5.7 million.

Viscount Cowdray is putting 1,200 lots under the hammer at the auction of art, furniture and bric-a-brac where members of the public can pick up their own piece of country house history for as little as £50.

Show Me the Funny – and the unfunny

A contest between 10 jobbing standups is more MasterChef than The X Factor bringing as much awkwardness as laughter


It was only a matter of time before standup got its own The X Factor. So we should be thankful that ITV’s Show Me the Funny isn’t as crass as it might have been. A contest between 10 jobbing standups, to win £100,000, a live tour and a DVD deal, the show starts tonight with the first heats in Liverpool. It’s full of blowhard guff about how scary standup is to do, and what a tough crowd Scousers are. And, like The X Factor, it promotes a narrow idea of its artform. But it’s watchable enough, and not without modest insights into the life and work of the professional joker.

TV review: Show Me The Funny and British Masters

Show Me The Funny? You get a lot more laughs from Karren, Nick and Lord Sugar


The first and last time I laughed during Show Me The Funny (ITV1) was when the world’s only half-Welsh, half-Spanish comedian introduced himself to his audience. “Buenas tardes. I am Ignacio Lopez,” he began. “Some of you may recognise me as the barman you slept with in Magaluf a couple of years ago.”

Miraculously, he channelled both halves of his noble heritage: Tom Jones’s understandably smug expression before being showered with knickers; and Antonio Banderas’s cross-species sexual braggadocio in Shrek. You remember, when he voiced Puss in Boots and propositioned Cameron Diaz’s princess.

Alan Titchmarsh beats Monty Don in TV garden war

Trees can be used to decorate your wedding or party and make a great impact One of my most lasting and memorable images of the Royal wedding was definitely those trees.

imageThe two 25ft hornbeams (Carpinus betulus) in the transept and the six field maple (Acer campestre) in the nave dressed up with their lush, fresh, lime-green spring growth were unexpected, natural and beautifully understated.

Their symbolism did not register with me until later, when pointed out by the florist, Jamie Marlar, director of Shane Connolly whose brief included English, natural, seasonal and ethical. Field maple symbolises humility and reserve, while hornbeam represents resilience.

Ronnie Barker’s biography


Ronald William George Barker, OBE (25 September 1929 – 3 October 2005) was a British actor, comedian, writer, broadcaster and businessman. He was known for his roles in various British comedy television series, such as The Frost Report, Porridge, The Two Ronnies and Open All Hours.

Your royal wedding-free viewing schedule


Can you avoid the wall-to-wall coverage of Will and Kate’s big day and still fit in a full day of bank holiday viewing? Follow our guide to dodging all talk of tiaras..

Hopefully you won’t need this guide. Hopefully the weeks and months of suffocating royal wedding coverage will have sufficiently conditioned you. By now, you should have a finely honed instinct to change channels at the merest hint of a crown or a veil or some bunting or the phrase “street party” or Huw Edwards’s face.

Today’s TV highlights


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The Story of Jesus
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The Story of Jesus Photo: BBC
8:30AM BST 22 Apr 2011

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