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Western Caribbean Cruise Tips

imageA Western Caribbean Cruise is one of the most in-demand cruise itineraries among cruise vacationers, offering an assortment of exotic destinations while many different cruise companies offer routes that customers can choose from. A Western Caribbean cruise may consist of stops such as Central America countries like Panama or Costa Rica, Belize, Jamaica, Mexico and the Cayman Islands. Magnificent coasts, varied wild life and offshore reefs are just some of the many attractions included in a Western Caribbean cruise. But when embarking on a Western Caribbean cruise, a cruiser may want to keep in mind several useful tips that would ensure their trip is one for the books.

Britain pledges jobs, protection

imageBritain is promising to help create more than 10 000 jobs and protect dozens of communities from crime as it increases its development commitment to the Caribbean over the next four years, the United Kingdom Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has said.

Mitchell has ended a brief visit to several Caribbean countries and according to a statement from the British High Commission in Barbados, London is promising Jamaica that UK assistance will target 50 of the most volatile inner-city areas.

Today’s radio highlights

The best radio programmes on BBC, commercial and digital stations chosen by Gillian Reynolds, the UK’s top radio critic.imageMONDAY 30 MAY

Afternoon Play: Corrinne Come Back and Gone

Radio 4FM, 2.15pm

This is Lenny Henry’s first play for Radio 4 and it is a powerful piece, especially for a Spring Bank Holiday afternoon. Corrinne (Claire Benedict, excellent in the part) left Jamaica years ago, in flight from a brutal husband. Now he’s dead and she’s free to go back to see the three daughters she had to leave behind. They’re grown up now, with lives, families and fears and hopes of their own. Each has strong things to say to Corrinne. But there are still ways in which they can learn from each other, once they can find the courage to be honest.

UK travellers shun foreign holidays

Business travel hit by sharpest decline as visits abroad fell by 15% in 2009,with many Britons opting for UK-based ‘staycation’ Was it plummeting business budgets or, as the local tourism industry would have us believe, a wave of nostalgia for retro seaside holidays?

imageOfficial figures have confirmed the picture of what many referred to as the “staycation” trend in 2009, as visits abroad fell at a record pace last year. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the 15% drop from the year before to 58.6m was the biggest drop since records began in the 1970s.

The main driver in the sharp drop was a fall in business trips, which fell by almost a quarter – while holiday trips declined by 15%. In the other direction, business trips into the UK fell by a fifth, overshadowing a rise in holiday visitors and leaving overall visits by overseas residents down 6.3% to 29.9m.

Prince William Biography

Prince William 2

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge KG FRS (William Arthur Philip Louis; born 21 June 1982) is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, and third eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Harry Biography


Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), commonly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales,

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