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he best travel destinations in Uruguay

imageSouth America and ‘traveling’ in the same sentence rarely conjures up the name of Uruguay. This South American county is no on the major tourist circuits, the River of Colorful Birds (that’s what the country’s name means) is often called the South American equivalent of Switzerland, not because of how it looks, but how it works. Uruguay is one of the best kept secrets in South America, which has more to offer than it is given credit for. Pristine beaches and friendly cities aside, there’s a lot going on in Uruguay that can interest tourists from all over the world. To give you a taste of this amazing country, here are the best travel destinations in Uruguay.

Travel advice: ‘We don’t want to change hotels’

Gill Charlton assists a couple offered ‘alternative’ accommodation; and advises on seeing the Yangtze river and hand luggage limits.


In January, my wife and I booked a package holiday with Flexibletrips to the Marina Luz Hotel in C’an Pastilla, Majorca, departing on September 6. The booking was made through our local Thomas Cook travel agency.

In early April we paid the outstanding balance for the holiday. It was not until April 30 that my wife received a call from Thomas Cook to say that “for contractual reasons” we could no longer stay at the Marina Luz Hotel.

We were offered an alternative, but we do not want to stay anywhere else. This was to be our 11th visit to the hotel, which is the reason we go to Majorca.

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