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Chiang Mai Real Estate

imageBuying real estate in Chiang Mai may be an excellent investment when you are considering retirement in Thailand. Chiang Mai has become a hub of activity for expats who wish to retire out of the rat race and to the countryside. Speak ot us today!

The Thai government will be investing billions in the infrastructure of Chiang Mai over the next few years. There are currently 5 major property and developmetal projects in Chiang Mai estimated to be well over USD 500 million in value. These include an international exhibition and convention centre project on a piece of land covering over 300 rai (about 120 acres). There is also a development project for road expansion to facilitate agricultural transport, a logistics system and a project to improve a local bus terminal in the provincial seat to support millions of incoming tourists.

Top 10 Cruises for Adventure Travel

Here are the top 10 Cruises for Adventure Travel
1. Nova Scotia and Labrador Tall Ships, Canada
Cruises of Nova Scotia and Labrador Tall Ships last up to a week, the excitement of the wind through the sails of the ships will add you with seafaring heritage of eastern Canada

2. San Juan Islands, Washington
When you travel with San Juan Islands cruise from Washington, you can skip from island to island. Breathtaking views of beautiful wilderness are offered by the classic wooden vessels. You can also get gourmet meals which matches the flavors of the Pacific Northwest.

3. Pirate Cruise, Grand Cayman Island
Pirate Cruise of Grand Cayman is the Caribbean cruise, this is perfect for young and old children. This is duplicate of 17th century Spanish boat, it offers firing cannons, planks to walk and sword fighting as well.

Cities Could Disappear As Atlantis

imageBangkok, capital of Thailand, is another city that is sinking fast. This time the threat comes from Chao Phraya River, which flows into the Bay of Bangkok, about 48 km from the city.

Would suffice just 7 years to immerse Bangkok and beautiful temples that are World Heritage. According to a study conducted by scientist Ajong Chumsai na Ayudhya Thai, global warming is always influencing the rise of the Chao Phraya, which we have seen to be the same reason that many cities could disappear in a few years. According Ajong Chumsai na Ayudhya, the adverse global climate changes will cause a tsunami in the Gulf of Thailand still more severe than occurred in 2004.

5 travel scams to avoid

As travel is getting more and more popular, scams related to travel are also getting increasingly widespread. Even the most seasoned traveler can fall pray to a wily scammer, because just as travelers get creative when it comes to their trips, so do scammers and their attempts to leech some money off you.


Picking a naive tourist’s pockets is small fry compared to some rip-offs that have been heard of nowadays. So here are 5 travel scams to avoid in some of the most popular travel destinations in the world.
Orlando, USA

Unfortunately hotels around Disney World are not protected against identity theft, and some scammers deviously capitalized on tourists’ craving for pizza. Pizza menu were slipped under doors, guests would call and order, but their credit card numbers were not used to pay for pizza, but for identity theft. Of course, this kind of scam can happen anywhere, because scammers can rely on the fact that tourists (and often, locals too) don’t know that much about local businesses.

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