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Where to Stay for the Best City Views in the World

imageMost people decide on a travel destination based on its restaurants, culture, weather, or sometimes price; but the hotel is often something generally overlooked, with most people concluding that they won’t be spending much time there. However, where you stay can make or break your trip, and if you’re in the market for treating yourself; check out these fabulously indulgent hotels with the most spectacular city views.

city views hotelsHong Kong is speedily becoming one of the most desirable tourist destinations with its high-fashion shops and growing business reputation, and it has some fantastic hotels to match.

City Base Apartments offer a luxurious stay in the heart of Hong Kong’s sights and attractions; but this is definitely a city which needs to be seen from above.

The Basics of Saving Money While Studying Abroad

imageTraveling is a luxury many of us cannot afford. Obviously, that’s what student loans are for, however much we may ache in repaying them in the days after graduation.

The following are tips to save money while traveling abroad so you have less to worry about later. Don’t worry; your experience abroad won’t be stunted by your savings.

Before you go

1. When you’re still in the planning stages of where you want to study abroad, look outside of Europe. Yes, Florence is the most beautiful city I’ve set eyes upon, but it was also expensive. Much of Europe is (especially the British Isles). Many areas of South and Central America, Africa, and Asia (excluding the likes of Tokyo, of course) offer incredible cultural experiences for less money.

How to fit a gym into your home


More people are putting a home gym on their wish list, but it needn’t cost a fortune .

Which room is the current must-have for the best houses – a marble bathroom, a restaurant-quality kitchen or an opulent bedroom? None of the above, it seems. The new craze in interiors is for a home gym, and former tennis star Tim Henman is just one of the many getting in on the act.

High-end houses won’t be seen without them, according to architect Nick Norden, who specialises in sumptuous dwellings in north London’s affluent Hampstead. He estimates that 80 per cent of his clients have a fitness studio high on their wish list – and they are prepared to build into the basement to get one.

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